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Five tips for safer winter driving with Car Nation Canada

Five tips for safer winter driving with Car Nation Canada

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It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, the white stuff is falling in some parts of the country, Christmas is over and we look forward to enjoying a little time off work. If that involves driving anywhere, why not take a minute to refresh your winter driving technique with Car Nation Canada?

It takes a minute and can remind you of what you need to do differently when the roads become icy and full of snow.

Allow extra time
Before we get into the technicalities, I would suggest that the most important tip for driving safely in winter is to allow enough time to get there. We all know how tempting it is to rush a little if delayed or push a little harder is we are behind schedule, but that is where accidents can happen.

Add a little extra time for journeys so you can maintain a sensible pace suitable for the conditions. It’s better to get there a little late than not at all!

Check your car more regularly
Most of us are in the habit of inspecting our vehicles regularly anyway but in winter, we should do it more regularly. Check tire condition and pressure, check wipers, check antifreeze and coolant levels. Check your lights, check screen wash and try to keep no less than a quarter of a tank of gas in your car.

Perform these checks once a week and it should be done in less than ten minutes. If that prevents a breakdown in the middle of nowhere that is time well spent.

Plan for the worst
Depending on where you live, planning for the worst could mean carrying extra cash for a coffee or carrying a snow shovel to get you out of a drift. In all cases, it makes sense to carry spare blankets, a torch with spare batteries, high visibility vest, paper map, first aid kit, jump leads and maybe that snow shovel.

If you’re in the city, the requirement for a snow shovel is probably lower than up north. Pack what you think would be suitable for the area you drive in.

Drive to the conditions
Modify your driving style to the conditions you’re driving in. If it is snowing, drive smoothly as possible using low revs and changing early if you drive stick or just low revs if you don’t. Maintain good distance between vehicles and make sure you are aware of what is going on at all times. Stick to highways or cleared roads wherever possible too if you can.

Use your lights if visibility isn’t great and never assume that because you can see other drivers that they can see you.

Watch for ice
Ice is annoying as it is mostly invisible. If you drive early in the morning or on empty roads, you need to be aware that it may be icy. You cannot always see it and you cannot always do anything about it so care needs to be taken. If you hit ice and skid, steer into it if you can, don’t brake or accelerate and try to stay in control.

Easier said than done when you’re not in control of your car but essential for minimizing the potential for a collision!

We here at Car Nation Canada want you to be safe out there. If you want to prepare your car for winter, book a service at your closes dealership. We can help!

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