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Five things you need to know about winter tires

Five things you need to know about winter tires

The temperature has been dropping for a few weeks now and the great white north is beginning to live up to its name. That means it’s the ideal time to talk about winter tires.

If you’re new to Canada or new to driving, there is a lot to consider when driving in the winter. Winter tires are at the heart of that.

Tread is vital

You can afford to run your all-season tires until just before the minimum legal depth and remain safe. Winter tires are different. They rely on a special tread pattern and increased depth to help disperse snow and water. Run this tread too low and the tires won’t perform.

Make sure you have plenty of tread left on your winter tires and change them as soon as they wear too low.

Check winter tires before use

If you haven’t had to change tires yet, now is the ideal time to check their condition. It’s better to know before you need them than at the time.

Check for splits, cracks or damage. Check that tread depth, check for any debris or foreign objects stuck in the tire and generally give them a once over. If they look okay, they are good to go. If not, bring them to a Car Nation Canada dealership for a change.

Maintain the pressure

As the temperature drops, so does air pressure. Keeping an eye on the pressure of winter tires should become a regular habit. Check every couple of weeks or every month depending on how often you drive.

Check the pressure recommendations on the side of the tire and keep to those as much as possible.

Four by four

Winter tires should always be used in sets of four. Don’t just change the drive wheels, change all wheels. It doesn’t matter whether you have AWD or not, you need the same levels of grip on every corner of your car.

It might be tempting to make winter tires last twice as long by just using a pair on your drive wheels, but don’t. The different grips levels could cause real problems with grip and handling.

Price does not mean quality

Spending more on winter tires does not automatically make them better. Like most things you can buy, spending your money carefully on the best product for your vehicle and situation makes much more sense.

There are a range of low quality winter tires that cost much more than they should. Just because they are expensive, doesn’t mean they are better or safer!

If you have any questions about winter tires, visit your nearest Car Nation Canada location for expert help. We run regular incentives on winter tires so you could save money too!

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