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Five great reasons to buy your next used car online

Five great reasons to buy your next used car online

There are many reasons why used cars make sense for some buyers. It could be the price, the ability to buy a better used car than a new one, the range of quality used cars available or the fact you can buy a used car perfectly safely during a pandemic.

Whatever the reason for wanting to buy a used car, online car sales are the way to go.

We’re not talking eBay or Craigslist here. We are talking about legitimate car dealers offering certified used cars to buy completely online. You get the same high quality service, the same great prices and the same peace of mind of dealing with professionals.

Just without having to visit a dealership.

If those reasons aren’t enough to consider buying a used car online, here are some more.

Get more for less

We all have aspirations that exceed our budget. It’s part of the human condition. However, if you shop carefully and buy a used version of your dream car, you could get it for much less than you might think.

If you cannot afford a particular make and model brand new, buy used. You get the car you want, just without that new car smell. Also without the new car premium!

Less depreciation

A big difference between buying new and buying a used car is depreciation. A new car will have a large chunk of depreciation as soon as you drive it away from the dealership. A user car has already had that.

A new car can lose up to 60% of its value in the first 36 months. After that, depreciation slows considerably. Buying used means you have to content with a lot less depreciation than buying new.

Reusing rather than recycling

A used car is the ultimate in reuse. While the car certainly wouldn’t go to waste if you didn’t buy it, the second hand car market means perfectly good vehicles are staying on the road longer and staying out of landfill longer. That has to be a good thing!

The same protections

When you buy a car online, Car Nation Canada gives you three days to change your mind. If the car doesn’t meet your expectations or differs from the description, we can provide a full refund.

If you need longer than three days, you can have five days to decide. If you don’t want your car after that, you can switch it for another from our stock.

Used cars come with limited warranties for full peace of mind. While they won’t be multi-year warranties like you get with new cars, they will cover you for most situations you’re likely to face in the first months of car ownership.

You can still get a car loan for a used car bought online

Something that not everyone realizes is that you can still get a car loan to buy a used car. Whether you buy from the lot or online, you can access competitive car loans that can cover the cost of your purchase.

Our team has been working furiously over this year to provide the same high levels of customer service and access to cheap car loans for all our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you buy new, used, in the dealership or buy your car online, we can help you access the finance to secure the deal!

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