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FCA betting big on electric

FCA betting big on electric

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced that it will be launching a program to electrify a full half of its automotive fleet. The project begins in 2019 with Maserati and will cross brands and models gradually.

It will be a shame to lose that signature Maserati exhaust note as it is a big draw for buyers, but the ICE is on the way out it really is a case of being in it to win it. The death of the internal combustion engine has been heralded for years and may be a way off yet, but it seem this half of the century will definitely see the end of fossil fuels.
FCA said they will begin electrifying Maserati cars from 2019 and the brand will only sell electric cars from that year. The company also said the program would complete by 2022 when 50% of FCAs brands and models will be electric. 
The other models and the timetable have yet to be announced. The investor call that prompted the announced said that further details would be announced within the next six months, probably on another investor call at first. Anyone who watches the industry knows that FCA has a history of delays and not delivering so it will be few people that put any real stock into this timetable. 
Nevertheless, with other automakers promising electrification of one degree or another, it is the way the world is going.
Why Maserati?
FCA has a bunch of brands that would take well to electrification. Fiat for one would be ideal, mainly urban cars that don’t stray far from the grid. Cheap to build and maintain and very popular with buyers. So why go for Maserati first? Why electrify their single brand that sells on that exhaust note? 
Maserati would have to follow the trend at some point so the change is inevitable but many people I have asked who love or even moderately like the Maserati all say the same thing. The first thing that attracts them is the exhaust note. I hope this works out for FCA because more competition means better vehicles for all of us!
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