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FCA and UAW agree new contract

FCA and UAW agree new contract

The ongoing contract negotiations between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the United Auto Workers Union have now come to a conclusion as
an agreement has been reached between the two. At a vote last week, the new
four year deal was agreed with a majority of 77%.

This now resolves the ongoing situation which threatened
strikes and was generally getting in the way of the company moving forward.
Now, with the deal resolved, FCA can go back to developing and manufacturing
their vehicles and designing new ones.

There is a lot to be said about a motivated workforce, so
this new deal that provides decent pay, conditions and as secure a future as is
possible nowadays should go a long way to motivating the workers. The reduction
of that two tier wage system that caused so much trouble should be helpful too.

One thing we were waiting for was the confirmation of the
Wrangler pickup variant that was rumoured to be part of the deal. It seems it
was and was part of the sweetener for the Toledo workers who were losing the
Cherokee to Belvidere. Now, this new variant will take over from the Cherokee,
assuring manufacturing jobs for the foreseeable future.

We’ll keep an eye on things and try to find out just what
that Wrangler variant is.

press release from UAW

The members have voted to ratify a new four-year collective
bargaining agreement with FCA by a 77% majority. The results of the voting are
as follows:

  • Production workers – 77%
  • Skilled Trades – 72%
  • Salaried Bargaining Unit – 87%

President Williams stated, "The recent bargaining
process that took place on behalf of our members at FCA is a testament to the
UAW's democratic values and commitment to our members. The resolve of our
membership and the dedication of our negotiating team has produced an agreement
that affords UAW members a strong wage package and job security while still
allowing the company to competitively produce high quality vehicles for our

"UAW members at FCA have obtained a strong agreement
that provides substantial wage gains, fairness in the workplace, and job
security. Because of the strength and support from our membership, our
bargaining team was able to negotiate a contract which promises a secure future
for our members, their families and their communities." UAW FCA US Vice
President Norwood Jewell said.”

So now the deal is done, things at FCA can return to normal
once more. Apparently, the UAW will now turn their attention to Ford and GM.




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