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Everything you need to know about Kia’s new green cars

Everything you need to know about Kia’s new green cars

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If you were at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show or read our coverage of it, you will already know that Kia is launching a series of green cars to supplement its range. Kia has a plan they call the 2020 Road Map that outlines where the Korean automaker wants to be in terms of eco cars by that time. The new models are all part of that.

Kia 2020 Road Map
The 2020 Road Map includes a range of low emission vehicles across its range that will include hybrids, PHEVS and fuel cell cars. The aim is to become a world leader in green cars and offer 22 models by the 2020 deadline. It isn’t an idle aim either, the company has invested over 11.3 trillion Korean Won ($10.2 billion) to achieve it.

That investment includes cash for new technologies as well as investment to make existing technologies better. A combination of hybrid engine development, plug-in hybrid, battery electric and hydrogen powerplants are all being actively developed right now and will feature in a variety of Kia cars over the coming years.

So what about those cars?

Kia Niro
We saw the Kia Niro at Chicago and liked what we saw. It’s a compact SUV that will utilise a hybrid engine with a 1.6-litre Kappa four cylinder that produces 102 hp and an electric motor that generates 42 hp. It pairs with lithium-ion batteries to power it which are stored under the rear seat. A six speed dual clutch transmission will also feature.

The Kia Niro will also use regenerative braking to charge the batteries and eke out those all-important green credentials. Production begins May 2016.

Kia Optima Hybrid (HEV)
The Kia Optima Hybrid has been with us since 2011 but this new model is better than ever. With a new engine, new electric motor, new hybrid starter generator and an upgraded transmission, it is a real step in the right direction. It uses a 2.0-litre GDI engine and an electric motor with 1.62 kWh lithium batteries.

The Optima has received a redesign that makes it look great on the road. The cabin has also received upgrades that makes the passenger experience pretty good too.

Kia Optima Plugin Hybrid (PHEV)
The new Kia Optima Plugin Hybrid uses the same mechanicals as the standard Optima but adds the ability to plug it into the mains. It uses a 2.0-litre Nu GDI engine with a 50 kW electric motor mounted on the transmission. It comes with three driving modes, electric, hybrid or charging mode. The latter allows the petrol engine to take over once the batteries are drained.

Production of the Kia Optima Plugin Hybrid begins later this year.

The current Kia Optima is a quality car that delivers comfort, technology and price. Visit Kia of Hamilton, 1885 Upper James St, Hamilton ON, L9B 1K8 to take a closer look.

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