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Essential winter driving refresher

Essential winter driving refresher

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Snow, ice and cold are so much a part of our lives that we rarely give them much though aside from a quick mention when we meet someone or arrive somewhere. However, after witnessing an accident on my way into work this morning because a sedan driver didn’t take the appropriate care when approaching a bend, I thought it prime time for a quick winter driving refresher.

I know we all know these things but as my morning commute demonstrated, we also have a tendency to forget. The roads were cold but reasonably clear, yet a car still lost control and the snows haven’t even arrived here yet.

Prepare your car for winter
Perform your winter checks before winter arrives in full force. Get your car serviced or checked over and have your hoses, belts, fluids, brakes, tyres all given the once over to make sure they are okay and in good condition.

Check your winter tyres and get them replaced in advance of them being required if they need to be.

Make sure your winter kit is ready to use. Check torch batteries, the clothes space blanket or normal blanket are still okay and that you have your sunglasses in the car for snow glare.

Watch what’s going on around you
If everyone else around you is driving slower than usual, there is usually a good reason for that. If you see less tailgating, more space between vehicles, lots of brake lights before a corner and other signs, you might like to consider the risk of ice on the road or something ahead that is causing people to be more careful.

It is too easy to get caught up in running through your day in your head or being lost in your own world. While that’s fine when you’re at home or sitting in the office, it isn’t ideal while driving a car. Be mindful of the world around you, even if it’s just on your commute.

Check the news and weather
If your household is anything like mine, the TV news is on while we are all getting coffee and breakfast but we don’t actually pay attention to it. A couple of seconds paying attention to weather warnings or the weather report can warn you of bad weather way in advance, giving you plenty of time to prepare for it.

Whether that is changing into winter tyres or leaving five minutes early so you don’t have to rush through bad conditions, it can make all the difference to how your commute pans out.

We have a tendency to become blasé about the weather. We know it gets cold. We know we can take the cold and shrug off several feet of snow as ‘just a little sprinkling’ but there are times when we need to take the weather seriously. The onset of winter is one of them. Stay safe out there!

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