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Enjoy the latest technology with a used car

Enjoy the latest technology with a used car

One of the biggest draws for new cars is the introduction of
new technologies they offer. If you want the latest gadget or safety feature,
you usually have to buy a new car with it included or as an option. However,
some technologies are available as an aftermarket addition. Ideal for buyers of
used cars.

As a purveyor of both new and used cars, we here at Car
Nation Canada do our best to deliver the products you want at a price you’ll
love. As part of that, we can always fit aftermarket technology to a used car
you buy from us. This is especially true if you’re looking at nearly new
vehicles up to three years old. They often have the fitment or option to enjoy
newer technology already built in.

So if you find a fantastic used car on one of our lots, but
hesitate because it doesn’t have a feature you’re looking for, ask one of our
sales team if it’s possible to fit it. It is often possible to do just that in
just an hour or two.

New technology for used cars

Automakers use technology as one of the main draws to get
you to buy a new car. If you don’t want to buy new, you can still access some
of the newer technologies. Technologies such as reversing cameras and sensors,
blind sport monitoring, navigation, hands-free, voice activation and navigation
can all be retrofitted to a used car.

Often, the manufacturers will offer these technologies as a
paid-for extra that can be swapped out for a standard part. For example, a
basic head unit can be exchanged for a Bluetooth or voice activated version in
less than an hour. For some vehicles, navigation units are just as easy to fit.

You can also access the latest safety technology with
third-party a addon. If you like the idea of lane departure warning or forward
collision warnings but don’t want to buy new, then you can buy special units to
deliver the technology and have them fitted to your car. A couple of
manufacturers now offer both lane departure and forward collision warning
systems that can be retrofitted to a used car.

As long as the used car is within a few years old, it is
often possible to upgrade the technology within it. If you’re unsure about what
is possible in your model of choice, you just need to ask. Our used car
specialists will let you know exactly what you can and cannot add to your car
of choice.

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