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Electric Cars During Winter in Canada: What to Expect

Electric Cars During Winter in Canada: What to Expect

If you are curious about the performance of electric cars during winter in Canada you are in luck. We are going to shed some light on how EVs handle winter and everything else Canada has to offer, so stick around.


EVs and electric motors


With gas-powered cars, you need to rev the engine a little before the tires begin to turn and grip the road. Electric cars do not have this lag; the moment you touch the accelerator, the motor's engine and the tires begin to turn.


Most EVs are all-wheel drive, so all four tires are turning in sequence. This instant torque, coupled with all four tires turning at the same time, will give you a tremendous amount of grip.


The EVs have a massive amount of torque, so you should have no problems overcoming snow, but you need to have the right tires for the job.


You cannot rely on “all-season tires”; you need to use winter tires for the best possible traction and safety.


Cold weather and EV range


Something that electric cars during the winter suffer from is a reduced range with your vehicle. Gas-powered cars also experience a reduction in range; colder weather forces the engine to work harder to get from point A to point B.


With an EV, cold reduces the total amount of energy the battery is able to discharge. There are some simple things you can do to maximize the range of your EV.


In the morning, before you head out, while the car is connecting to your home electrical system, begin warming up the car and battery pack; warming up the batteries and cabin of the vehicle using your home electrical system, it will help the battery conserve energy.


You should also consider using the one-pedal driving option; this will help you leverage the generative braking system; this simple step will help you get the most range from your EV.


When you perform an apples-to-apples comparison, there is no real downside to having an EV in the winter, provided you keep your EV in a good state of repair.


Simple things like keeping your battery charged and using winter tires will help keep you and your family safe. These rules apply for all seasons, though, and they are easy to follow, so be sure to implement them going forward.


Picking the right EV for your needs


We talked about how an EV is able to thrive in Canadian weather; your next step should be to visit a local dealership and pick the EV that you like the most. The local dealership has EVs in their inventory, so you will be spoiled for choice.


The dealership is also able to help you secure the most competitive car loans based on your financial situation.


Suppose you have experienced credit issues in the past or have income that is hard to verify. In that case, the dealership will be able to get you approved.


You need to schedule a test drive as soon as possible; with rising interest rates, you need to lock in a great car loan today.


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