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Don’t Miss This CRUCIAL Step If You Are Considering Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle

Don’t Miss This CRUCIAL Step If You Are Considering Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle

Buying a car, whether used or new is an emotionally driven process despite trying to stay objective and level-headed. Particularly, if your current vehicle is an undesirable, unreliable burden, we will be entranced in the excitement of owning something with greater horsepower, glistening metallic paint, and luxury features that were once out of reach. Perhaps, your current car is handed-down and you’re ecstatic to finally buy our own vehicle. With the heightened emotion, sometimes we forget to ask the important questions.

It’s not a stretch then to compare buying a pre-owned vehicle with the primary stages of pursuing a romantic relationship. It’s a big decision- one that you’re going to have to live with for quite some time. When you’re getting to know someone do you stop to bluntly ask him or her about their history? Damaging incidents? Poor choices? Previous users? Been through any harsh conditions?

No, that would be creepy.

These are the kinds of questions necessary if you want to find your perfect car. It’s not uncommon to find people who bought vehicles that had dangerous, expensive mechanical problems overlooked by safety inspections or negligent dealers and omitted information. Just ask a family member or friend.  A good practice when looking at a pre-owned vehicle is getting a CarProof vehicle history report before you unload a significant amount of money.

What is CarProof?
CarProof is an independent provider of vehicle history documentation. Think of it as a private investigator – any suspicious history will be and can be exposed. It is used by consumers and sellers in every Canadian province and across the U.S. CarProof pulls its data from a variety of different sources:

     •Provincial and state vehicle registries
     •Insurance companies (public and private)
     •Police departments
     •Collision repair databases
     •Border agencies        

You can purchase a CarProof report on their website for around $10-$70 depending on the amount of information requested. The VIN (vehicle identification number) is all that is required to obtain the history. Unfortunately, many past vehicle troubles won’t be immediately apparent with a visual inspection or test drive. CarProof report gives you the best chance at spotting:

     •Registration - find out which provinces and states the car has been registered in
     •Accidents - what type of damage and how much it will cost to repair
     •Rebuilds - whether a car has been salvaged and sold
     •Liens - remaining money owed to a lender that you can be responsible for
     •Thefts - whether the past owner has reported the car stolen

Not all vehicle history services are created equal. It comes down to how the data is gathered in individual provinces. While Manitoba Public Insurance sends collision information straight to CarProof, an additional step is needed in Saskatchewan where CarProof has to mine the data from its General Insurance website.

Do your due diligence as a shopper to save out of pocket expenses down the road. A smart shopper is one that will be in a better position with the upper hand. No one wants to drive a lemon off the lot and deal with the aftermath. Car Nation Canada acknowledges the importance of a seamless shopping experience which is why we provide CarProof on pre-owned vehicles at no cost to you.

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