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Dodge Is Winterizing Its Beast With An AWD Just In Time For Colder Months

Dodge Is Winterizing Its Beast With An AWD Just In Time For Colder Months

There is no denying how unbelievably cool the current Dodge Challenger design is - but it's one we are well accustomed with. The traditional design is losing ground to its main rivals: the Mustang and Camaro. A full redesign is a long way off, so Dodge is giving the Challenger something the Mustang and Camaro lack. A 2017 Challenger model with all-wheel drive could debut as early as this fall. 

It would reportedly borrow the GT AWD name from an all-wheel drive Challenger concept that previously appeared at SEMA last year. If that's not enough to excite you, Dodge is also reportedly planning a wide-body version of the 707HP SRT Hellcat model called the Challenger ADR. Both variants would help pique our interest until a redesigned model debuts in 2018. 

The original GT AWD concept used a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 engine. Dodge also offers a 6.4-litre and the 6.2-litre supercharged Hellcat Hemi engines, the smaller Hemi was used due to the torque limitation the AWD system could handle. 

Muscle cars like the Challenger are known for its rear-wheel drive and the burnout it allows. An AWD could be a hit with many consumers, especially ones who live in colder climates. Some owners are limited to driving their beloved beasts due to its ability to handle snowy conditions. So, we are going to give the AWD model a thumbs up. It's also a feature that will give Dodge a boost and maintain its edge against Ford and Chevy. 

The current Challenger rides on the same platform introduced for the 2008 model year and some say it is in need for an upgrade. Don't fret. A completely redesign model is expected to arrive in 2018, using the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Guilia sedan. The new model may shed half a ton and get a convertible variant as well. The rumour mill told us Dodge may drop the Challenger name and go with Barracuda. 

Whatever Dodge is doing, it's definitely making our ears perk up and we will anxiously await Dodge's next move. But we're sure we'll be pleasantly surprised. After all, it is Dodge we're talking about. 

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