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Dodge Hornet debuted at Speed Week

Dodge Hornet debuted at Speed Week

After mentioning the end of an era with the 2023 Dodge Challenger and Charger, we thought we had better add a salve by mentioning the debut of the Dodge Hornet at the same event.

The Hornet is one of the worst-kept secrets in motoring. An electrified compact crossover that is set to become the future of Dodge.

Sting in the tail

The 2023 Dodge Hornet is a compact crossover with a difference. Dodge calls it the “quickest, fastest, most powerful compact utility vehicle under $30,000.”

We knew the automaker would build enthusiast vehicles and not the instantly forgettable norm, but we didn’t think it would do it right away!

The design is interesting. It has a definite Dodge front end with familiar headlights, narrow grille and larger lower sill.

All panels are rounded and smooth and look really good, but in profile, the Hornet has a definite bend. It’s like it’s low at the front and rear and the whole car curves up and down towards each end.

It looks a little like a Jaguar F-Pace or Alfa Romeo Tonale but with a Dodge front and rear end. It’s a great start!

Inside, the 2023 Dodge Hornet is keeping with the times.

There’s a 12.3” digital instrument panel and a 10.25” infotainment screen with Amazon Alexa voice assistant, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The seating looks sporty with supportive side bolsters and lots of room for adjustment. The rest of the interior looks spacious enough for four and some cargo in back.

The exact specifications will depend on the model, so this is just a guide.

Engine and drivetrain

If the 2023 Dodge Hornet is to be the “quickest, fastest, most powerful compact utility vehicle under $30,000” what does it have under the hood?

It has a 1.3-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine. It is paired with a 90 kW electric motor though. The combination can produce “285-plus” horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque.

There is also apparently a “PowerShot” button that will deliver an extra 25 hp boost for a time like KERS or an electric nitrous boost.

You can use PowerShot for up to 15 seconds at a time before the system need to cool and recharge.

We have been told to expect PowerShot to appear in a number of future electrified Dodge vehicles, so watch this space.

The motor and battery combination uses a 15.5 kWh battery pack that can provide up to 30 miles of electric only driving and charge in as little as 2.5 hours with a Level 2 charger.

There will, of course, be an R/T version of the 2023 Dodge Hornet but we don’t know what motor will power it. We do know that it will have AWD though.

The 2023 Dodge Hornet looks to be an interesting proposition and is a solid start for the new look brand.

Register your interest in the 2023 Dodge Hornet at Unique Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, 915 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON L7N 3V8.

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