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Dodge Hellcat models in recall over oil loss

Dodge Hellcat models in recall over oil loss

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Owners who have waited months for the delivery of their Dodge Charger Hellcat or Dodge Challenger Hellcat may have to wait a little longer. A recall is being issued by Dodge for an oil cooler line that could fail with severe consequences.
The recall affects Dodge Charger Hellcat and Dodge Challenger Hellcat built between Feb. 6, 2017 and May 30, 2017. The issue is down to the rubber used in the oil hose that connects the oil cooler. Product testing shows that some rubber did not meet Dodge internal quality testing and could theoretically split and spill oil.
Nobody wants oil over their driveway but if it happens while the engine is running, things could get very serious, very quickly. 
The recall will be officially made on September 22, but advanced warning has been released now. If you own one of these vehicles, you may want to consider leaving it for a while until the recall comes into effect.
During the recall, the oil line will be replaced free of charge and any oil loss replenished. If you are lucky enough to own a Dodge Charger Hellcat or Dodge Challenger Hellcat contact your nearest Car Nation Canada dealership for more information. Or contact Dodge direct if you prefer.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat
The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is an awesome car for those who love power. With a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 that delivers 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, there isn’t a lot that can beat this car on a quarter mile. Despite the awesome power, this car can also be a pussy cat when driven normally.
Available with a six speed manual or eight speed automatic transmission, this car is a beast. Keep your foot light and it purrs around town like a contented kitten. Hit the loud pedal and the Hellcat comes out to play. For a car this large and powerful, it isn’t all about the quarter mile, it performs credibly well with the road gets twisty too.
Aside from the traditional Challenger looks, the Hellcat version has a hood scoop, lower stance, air intake in place of a headlight, bug wheels and special tires. On the inside, a plush interior makes good use of all that space while sports seats are supportive and very comfortable.
Despite this recall, owner reviews of the Hellcat have been overwhelmingly positive. All new vehicles have teething problems and it is thanks to Dodge’s internal quality testing that we know there is a potential issue at all. That should give all Dodge buyers confidence that the automaker wants to sell a good product even after you have paid for it.
Visit Unique Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, 915 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON  L7N 3V8 for the latest Dodge vehicles or to book your Hellcat in for its recall. We will be happy to help!

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