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Chrysler Airflow making a comeback

Chrysler Airflow making a comeback

First, this will be the first all-new vehicle from Chrysler in the longest time. Second, it’s reusing the Airflow name from the 1930s in a whole new way. The new Chrysler Airflow Vision to give it its full name is due to show at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to what Chrysler has told us, the Chrysler Airflow Vision emulates the smooth lines of the original vehicle to create a “first-class travel experience.” It is underpinned by the Chrysler Pacifica chassis which we already know as a very stable and flexible platform that delivers a smooth ride.

Chrysler Airflow Vision

The only imagery we have right now is similar to the above. It’s pure concept imagery but has grounding in reality. The sedan shape has a little of the Volkswagen Scirocco about it which is a Euro-spec vehicle we don’t see here. It has flowing lines, a low front end and a two door configuration. If this holds true, it should be able to seat four in comfort while having a modest footprint.

It can’t be that small if it is using a Pacifica chassis and may end up with four doors instead of two but the overall look and feel of the Chrysler Airflow Vision looks great!

If the vehicle ends up looking anything like the images, it’s going to do well!

We expect the real vehicle to tone down the interior more than the exterior. Those futuristic front seats are something the buying public are not yet ready for. Otherwise, the digital instruments are possible using current tech, as is the centre console. Even the screen in front of the passenger is within the realms of possibility with current vehicles.

Chrysler coming forth

As I mentioned in the introduction, equally as interesting as the Chrysler Airflow Vision itself is the fact that Chrysler are going to be delivering something new. It seems like forever that we have had the Pacifica, Voyager and 300 and it is overdue for something fresh.

However this concept turns out, it’s good to see the venerable automaker looking to the future and it not being a generic crossover like most other automakers are churning out. I love the 300 and even miss the Crossfire at times, purely as it was something different and that rear end was another vehicle rooted firmly in the thirties. While nobody wants another Crossfire, something completely new from Chrysler will be most welcome!

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