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Certified pre-owned and what it means for used cars

Certified pre-owned and what it means for used cars


Buying a
used car is a process full of choices. There are thousands of quality used cars
to choose from, across hundreds of dealerships throughout Canada. You also have
trim options, colours, makes, models and features to consider. All demand a bit
of research before selection.

shouldn't take any time to research is the need to buy certified pre-owned. In
a market full of sellers out to catch the unwary, buying a car from a reliable
dealership is essential. So what is a certified pre-owned vehicle and what does
it offer you?

Certified pre-owned

A certified
pre-owned (CPO) vehicle has undergone a series of checks to ensure the vehicle
is legitimate and safe. First, the paperwork is checked to make sure the
vehicle is the one you're buying. Secondly, accident and insurance records are
checked to make sure it hasn't been in a serious accident or written off by

The car
itself is also checked. Mileage is verified, age and VIN is checked and the car
is completely inspected from end to end to make sure it is safe and suitable
for purchase.

buying a certified pre-owned vehicle means all the hard work has been done for
you. The paperwork and identity of the vehicle has been verified, the condition
has been checked by qualified technicians, any repairs have been made using
approved parts and the car is in the best condition it can be.

Doing all
this work does take a lot of time and resources, but only comes with a slight
price premium. That premium is just to pay for all the work that goes into
making sure the car you're buying is in the condition you expect.

There is no
national program for certified pre-owned vehicles. It is down to the dealership
to devise a suitable program and see that it is carried through across all
their locations. Car Nation Canada has their own certified pre-owned system in
place and we would be happy to discuss it with you at the time.

We can also
provide a listing of exactly what goes into pre-approval so you have the
clearest idea possible about the car you're buying and its history.

Buying a
used car from Car Nation Canada ensures you're getting the best quality used
vehicle at the best price. It also ensures you're getting a legitimate car with
accurate condition and mileage. Considering our pricing is very similar to that
of private sellers, there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn't want to buy
from us.

competitive prices, fantastic service and all the facilities of a large
dealership, Car Nation Canada is the perfect place to buy your used car. Visit
one of our locations today to find yours!

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