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Car Nation Canada and CHCH child winter car safety tips

Car Nation Canada and CHCH child winter car safety tips


Recently, Car
Nation Canada featured on CHCH in a piece about child winter car safety. It's a
subject close to our hearts as we all have family. It's a good source of
information for anyone with children heading into winter. 
recommend watching
the video of that feature here
. It's not long but if packed full of useful
ideas for ensuring your child's safety in the car throughout winter.

Useful tips

  • What to
    dress your child in when driving in winter
  • Warming the
    car before strapping your child into the car
  • Why you
    shouldn't use hard window blinds in your car
  • What child
    seat accessories to use and which to not use
  • Why adults
    should be conscious about what they wear when driving
  • And so much

There is
also a piece about winter tires which is essential for any driver in Canada. Do
you know the difference between snow and winter tires? The operating
temperature for winter tires? When to put them on and when to take them off? If
you answered no to any of those, you should watch this piece.

discussing winter tires, Car Nation Canada also outlines what you need to do to
prepare your car for winter. Such things as the importance of using proper
fitting rubber mats, checking engine fluids, tire pressures and having the
proper coolant mix in your engine.

We know
this message gets repeated every winter, but there's a good reason for that.
Canadian drivers are caught out every year no matter how many of these messages
we publish. Even if you're just going out for milk, if you're driving, your car
needs to be prepared for the conditions.

Not only
does being safe preserve your car, it can also save your life.

We would
encourage all our readers to spend a few minutes
watching this feature
. There is always something to learn and Lori Deangelis
is always worth watching!

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