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Car buying the quick and easy way

Car buying the quick and easy way


Anyone who
has gone into a dealership to buy a new or used car can tell you it can take a
while before you leave with what you want. Stories have been told of marathon
five hour sessions just to get a deal signed at a price that's right.

We think
that is way too long and completely unnecessary and are going to show you how
to ensure that doesn't happen to you. Buy from a Car Nation Canada dealership
and it wouldn't happen anyway, but if you're shopping around, we bet you would
be happy to avoid losing an afternoon of your life just to buy a car!

So here are
our top tips for keeping car buying short and sweet.

Work with the salesperson

popular belief, car salespeople aren't the enemy. They have a job to do and
part of that job is making a sale. Part of that job is also ensuring their
customer gets what they want. Work with them on that. Tell them that time is
tight and that you have everything with you to do a deal today.

You could
even add a deadline if you're really stuck for time. If it's quiet, 60 minutes
is enough time to get a deal. If it's a little busier, 90 minutes is fair. Let
them know you will have to leave if a deal isn't done within that time and you
will be surprised how quickly they can move!

Prepare yourself

A lot of the
time taken with buying a used car is paperwork. Having all yours prepared before you
enter the dealership will save a lot of time. If you're trading in, having the
car paperwork all present and correct is vital. If you're looking for finance,
having pre-approval and all the supporting paperwork will save a huge amount of

Appraisal time

If you're
trading in, asking to have your car appraised nice and early can save time too.
While your car is being checked over you can be inspecting your vehicle of choice
or even test driving it. Depending on how the dealership is set up you could be
doing two things at once.

trade-in manager can be checking out your car, you can be doing something far more
interesting and saving time. We would suggest doing this anyway as waiting
around for some dealers to determine the value of a trade-in can take ages!

Time is money

Once you
have a trade-in value, have decided on a car and price, it's time to work the
finance. This usually takes time too but doesn't have to. While the finance
department is working the numbers it would be a good time to talk extras if
you're interested in them. If you like extra warranties or protection, now is a
good time to discuss them.

If you're
not completely familiar with the car you're buying, you could ask for a quick
rundown while finance is doing its thing. Learning all the new features and how
to use them will save time sitting on the driveway with the manual and be far
more interesting than waiting around for that finance paperwork!

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