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Car buying mistakes to avoid when shopping for a new car

Car buying mistakes to avoid when shopping for a new car

Buying a new car is a big step whether you’re have the spare cash lying around or have to get a car loan. It’s a lot of money and a car is something you will spending a lot of time in and around. If you’re in the market for a new car, try to avoid these very common mistakes to get the most out of your experience.

Not doing your research

There are dozens of brands and hundreds of models to choose from. There are also different categories, sedans, hatchbacks, compacts, SUVs, trucks and more. You may already know exactly what you need and are looking for. If you do, that’s great.

For the rest of us, performing due diligence through research is essential. Read reviews, check all the big name car websites for comments, reviews, news, upcoming changes and get all the information you can.

Create a shortlist from this deluge of data and refine it until you have a couple of leading contenders.

Not sticking to budget

You would think a car dealership would be only too happy to part you with your cash. Car Nation Canada is different. We want you to be happy with the buying experience and the car you end up with. Spending too much and leaving yourself financially exposed will do neither of those.

We always recommend setting an affordable budget. Whether you’re spending cash or a loan, setting an upper limit and sticking to it is the most important aspect of car purchasing. Buyer’s remorse is a real thing, as are the long term issues created by overspending.

Buying what you want and not what you need

It isn’t always easy to recognize what is a want and what is a need but it is something you really have to do when buying a new car. Your research should have shortlisted a couple of cars to test. Make sure those cars are affordable and include the features you need.

If you’re still unsure, get a piece of paper. List the features the car must have. You need room for the kids. You need AWD because of the weather where you are. You need AC to keep you cool and so on.

Then list what you would like the car to have. You would like satellite radio or navigation. You would like a sunroof. You would like LED running lights.

Use the list when shopping for your car. Make sure the car you buy fulfills all your needs list. Then make sure any of the wants list you include come within budget.

Not factoring in running costs

When you’re budgeting, don’t forget to include insurance, gas, servicing and tires. Insurance can be a significant expense. The more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance. Gas can also be an issue with trucks and SUVs so factor that in too.

We here at Car Nation Canada want you to be completely happy with your purchase and are here to help should you need us.

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