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Car Buyer's Remorse: A Simple Guide To Loving Your Car

Car Buyer's Remorse: A Simple Guide To Loving Your Car

We want you to be completely happy with your new car and your new car loan, removing any concerns of car buyer's remorse. That’s why we always recommend thorough research before you visit the dealership. We want you to be sure you’re getting the car you need, not just the car you want right now.


With car buyer’s remorse being a thing, what can you do to prevent it? Our car loan team offers a few actionable tips.


Avoid care buyer’s remorse with these tips:


Create a Needs & Wants List

When you first begin thinking about a new car, create a list on paper of what the car needs to have and what you want it to have. We say paper because we recommend taking it with you when you go car shopping.


Needs are about what the car needs to have to fulfill its core purpose. Whether that’s getting the kids to school safely or highway mile-munching on the daily commute.


The needs column should include everything your next car must have. Whether it’s room for triplets, AWD, hybrid or electric drivetrain, adaptable cruise control or something else, make sure it’s on the list.


Wants are about what you would like the car to have if the budget allows. That could be anything from voice control, reversing camera, large touchscreen, panoramic sunroof and any quality of life feature you could live without if you had to but would be happier within the car.


Figure Out Your Budget

Assess how much you could afford to borrow with a Hagersville car loan and combine it with your down payment and trade-in. Come up with an affordable figure that will get you what you want without leaving you exposed should anything happen.


Setting the budget before you go car shopping is another essential step to prevent buyer’s remorse. Spending too much and leaving yourself short each month is a sure way to regret your purchase!


Perform Some Online Research

Now start researching vehicles that deliver as many of those needs as possible within the budget you set. Spend as long as you need checking out manufacturers, models, vehicle types and whether to buy new or used.


Check all manufacturers, don’t stick to brands you know. Check out as many reviews as possible, both professional and owner reviews. Use YouTube to see videos of cars and to get the best idea possible of what you’re looking at.


Test Drive The Car

Test drives are still possible during the pandemic although they need to be arranged in advance. The test drive puts all your research into practice to see if the car feels like it looks or seems on paper.


Don’t rush the test drive. Make sure to drive on the type of roads you’ll use every day and try to emulate a typical journey as closely as possible.


Some dealerships will allow you to test drive overnight. If you can do this, do it. Get the family in the car, get their opinion, and use the car in exactly the same way it will be used every day.


Those four quick tips won’t guarantee to avoid car buyer’s remorse but they should minimize it as much as humanly possible. When you’re ready to commit, visit our car loan team to help you finance it.


If you need help or advice on anything to do with auto loans in Hagersville, contact Car Nation Canada today, We can help!


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