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Canadian sales numbers show a great February

Canadian sales numbers show a great February

It seems our fellow Canadians were in fine fettle during February as we bought 119,201 vehicles during the shortest month according to the latest figures. Industry watchers DesRosiers Automotive Consultants provided numbers that the total which represents a 9.1% increase over the previous best February ever.

Considering there were those predicting a slump in auto sales, that’s quite a jump!

During the four weeks of February, a total of 119,201 vehicles were sold across the country. That 9.1% increase over the previous best February is also 9.6% above January’s figures, which is usually a good month for car sales. It bodes well for the rest of the year!

Some specifics for Canada February 2016:

  • FCA sold 18,813 vehicles
  • Ford sold 18,389 vehicles
  • Kia sold 4,381 vehicles
  • Nissan sold 8.174 vehicles
  • Cars sold equalled 38,950
  • Light trucks sold 80,251

There were gains for FCA with an increase of .5%, Ford with a gain of 22.4%. It also seems like our appetite for light trucks increases with a slowdown in car sales and a rise in trucks. Passenger car sales was down 5.5% and light truck sales up a strong 17.9% for February 2016.

(Source DesRosiers Automotive Consultants)

Meanwhile, in the U.S. sales figures were also strong.
U.S numbers for February 2016:

  • FCA sold 182,879 vehicles
  • Ford sold 216,045 vehicles
  • Kia sold 49,737 vehicles
  • Nissan sold 120,540 vehicles

U.S. sales also grew 6.8% during the month which was the strongest February in 15 years. FCA was up 12%, Ford sales increased by 20%, Kia was up 13% and Nissan saw a 12.9% increase in sales.
(Source Automotive News)

The extra trading day may have influenced that a little but we think the change is more than that. There is still a strong appetite for new cars and with finance still being relatively cheap and the recent updates and new models resonating well with consumers, we’re not surprised at what we are seeing.

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