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Canadian car selling tips that anyone can use

Canadian car selling tips that anyone can use

If you want to sell your used car, our tips are going to help you get top dollar for it. The first thing we should discuss is why are you selling your car?

Do you need the cash for something else or are you thinking about trading it in for a new car? Your answer to this question is important, so we can steer you in the right direction.

Selling the car for quick cash

If you need quick cash for your used car, you are in luck. The resale market for used cars has never been stronger. You will need to look at comparable cars in the same areas as yours to determine what a fair price would be.

To get offers and quicker cash in your hands, you will need to drop your asking price. There are motivated buyers out there but if your price is too high, these buyers may sit on the sidelines waiting for a good deal.

The price you quote cannot be too low, if the price is unusually low, it sends a non-verbal message to the buyer that there could be something wrong with the car.

To protect yourself from shady characters, never accept personal checks. Insist that payment for the car is via a bank draft from a local branch and verify the legitimacy of the draft with the bank before you sign the bill of sale and hand over the car keys.

Selling for a trade-in

If you are in the market for a new car, then trading in your current car may be the best approach. The price of new cars is quite high, so if your trade-in will help reduce the total amount of financing you need to buy the car.

The dealership you buy the car from will be able to offer you more money since they are selling you a new car at the same time. If this was strictly a trade-in for cash, the dealership has to turn a profit so they cannot give you the full market value of the car.

Going to a dealership is also great if you need really quick cash, they can do an appraisal right away and if you agree to the cash offer, they will pay you on the spot for the car.

Important documents to have when selling a used car

Is the registration current and does it reflect your name and address? The registration will need to be signed over to the new owner along with a bill of sale. Without these documents, the buyer is not able to register the car in his/her/their name.

If the car is still under warranty, bring those documents and the maintenance record of the car. These documents will help show the vehicle is in good mechanical condition and there is a warranty for added peace of mind.

If you followed all of these suggestions then you can get the cash you need for your used car, so now would be a great time to contact your dealership for a quote.

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