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California Gas Car Ban in 2023: Everything We Know So Far

California Gas Car Ban in 2023: Everything We Know So Far

California has always been a state not afraid to go its own way and do its own thing. Given the mess that American politics is in right now, that’s a good thing. A point that’s even more true now as California will ban new gas car sales by 2035.


The California Air Resources Board voted in the Advanced Clean Cars II regulation on the 25th August 2022 which will ban new gas car sales by 2035.


The specifics of the Advanced Clean Cars II regulations include:

  • The ban on the sale of new internal combustion vehicles (ICE) by 2035
  • All electric vehicles must come with their own charging cable
  • Electric vehicles must have adapters for standard public chargers
  • All used EVs must include battery health metrics to help buyers
  • Batteries must be able to hold 70% range for the first 10 years or 150,000 miles
  • Warranties must guarantee that range for up to 8 years
  • EV repair information must be made available to independent repairers


The ban will include cars, trucks, SUVs and all vehicle types. The only exception is plugin hybrids.


EV compared to gas emissions.

EV compared to gas emissions. Source: Minnesota Emission Control Agency


PHEVs can still be sold in California from 2035 and up to 20% of manufacturer’s output can be PHEV. But, those PHEVs must be capable of delivering at least 50 miles of electric range.


So, while this is a ban on ICE vehicles, engines will still be made and gas produced to power the PHEVs.

Phased introduction


The new Californian rules will be phased in over time. It begins in 2026 where a minimum of 35% of all new cars sold must be electric.


Advanced Clean Cars II Plan

Advanced Clean Cars II Plan


This increases gradually until 2035 when it reaches 100% of car sales.


During that time, California’s low-emission vehicle (LEV) rules will gradually become stricter, with fines for vehicles that don’t comply.


Finally, there is help planned for those places in California worst affected by pollution. There will be cash incentives provided to low income households to help with the purchase cost of EVs.

The winds of change


Global Outlook for EV Market Share

Global Outlook for EV Market Share. Source: Back Button


While California is only one state, it’s a huge state with massive spending power. What happens there could influence the rest of the country and be a definite driver for change.


We all know that internal combustion causes pollution and whatever your politics or beliefs, there is no arguing that.


Electric is a future. Whether it’s the future or not remains to be seen but it’s definitely, the way the industry is going right now.


Even if pollution and climate change isn’t a primary concern, low maintenance, ease of use and that instant acceleration is definitely a reason to try electric!


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