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Buying cars online will last longer than the pandemic

Buying cars online will last longer than the pandemic

You might be forgiven for thinking buying cars online was just a COVID thing, but that’s not the case. It was around before the pandemic and will be around for long after.

Online car shopping is the new way of buying vehicles. It’s fast, convenient and gives shoppers what they want. A faster experience, convenience and the ability to get what they want. It’s also ideal for those who don’t like the traditional dealership experience.

The car buying process has begun online for over a decade. Reading reviews, visiting car websites for inspiration, visiting dealer websites to configure new cars and reading car blogs for ideas, opinions and things to watch out for.

The traditional dealership visit and kicking tires has been at the end of a long chain for a long time. Online car buying is just a natural evolution of that.

Better experience online

The pandemic forced many dealerships to up their online car buying game. Fortunately, Car Nation Canada was ahead of the curve and was already developing our own online car buying experience.

The pandemic did speed up development but we were far enough ahead to be able to launch our offering quickly.

You can browse cars online, view video tours, chat to staff via web chat or email, apply for auto loan preapproval and even the full loan online. We can answer questions and queries just as well online as we can in person.

All that’s changed is the test drive.

Click and collect

The ability to perform 95% of the buying process online will remain long after COVID. It’s simply too convenient. We can continue as before with researching and car selection, but now we can also buy online with a click and collect from the dealership.

During COVID, cars can be prepared hygienically ready for collection. After COVID, the cars will still be cleaned and prepared ready for your arrival.

You can also perform that final step at the dealership, visiting for the test drive and to strike a deal but that’s now purely optional.

Car delivery

One aspect of buying a car online that has changed is the ability to buy a car online and have it delivered. That means the entire car buying process is done remotely. You research, choose, get a loan, do a deal and have the car delivered. All without visiting a dealership.

We think this is a trend that will continue as it provides the ultimate in convenience. You can choose the day of delivery, have the car delivered, inspect the car and test drive it. You have 3 days to reject the car or 5 days to exchange it if you don’t like it.

What’s not to love?

We hope people will still visit our dealerships though. They have been very quiet during the pandemic and we are all social people. We love meeting you all and making friends and repeat customers. It would be a real shame if that all ended.

In the meantime, Car Nation Canada is dedicated to providing top quality service either in person or remotely. Online car buying is here to stay and so are we!

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