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Buying a car with dealer finance

Buying a car with dealer finance

Buying a
car with dealer finance with one of the fastest and simplest ways to buy a new
car. You can find the car, arrange the loan, trade in your old vehicle and
drive away your new one all without leaving the building. If you know what
you're doing and work with the right people, buying a car with dealer finance can
be a very cost effective way of buying a new car.

As a buyer,
you need to follow four simple rules.

  1. Compare
    dealer finance with other forms of finance
  2. Ensure you
    get a written quotation
  3. Get
  4. Drive a
    good deal

Compare dealer finance
with other forms of finance

Here at Car
Nation Canada, we always drive a great deal but we wouldn't expect you to take
our word on it. We would expect all our customers to check the market to see
what finance packages are available for their situation and compare it with
what we offer.

We think
it's good for you because it shows you what the market is like and most
importantly, shows you how competitive our rates are. It's good for us because
you know beyond reasonable doubt that the deal you're getting is a good one.

Ensure you get written

Buying a
car with dealer finance should be a simple process that offers the fastest,
most cost effective way of getting a new car. That said, we also know that
decisions like this sometimes take a little time. So having a written dealer
finance quote allows you to go get a coffee, talk it through and make an
informed decision.

Get pre-approved

is a relatively new process where you as a buyer can see how much you're likely
to be able to borrow before buying a car with dealer finance. This works for
you as a customer as you will already have a good idea of whether you can
afford a new car or not.

importantly though, it also shows you how much you can afford before you hit
the dealership. That way, you can avoid looking at those cars out of your price
range. We all know how easy it is to fall for a car that's just too

Drive a good deal

Driving a
good deal is as powerful as a psychological tool as it is a financial one. Part
of the benefit of buying a car with dealer finance is driving away knowing the
deal you got on your new car was a great one. Buying a car is partly about the
car and partly about the deal. Knowing you got the best of both is the most
powerful feeling you can get at a dealership!

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