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Should I Buy A New Car Online? Pros And Cons

Should I Buy A New Car Online? Pros And Cons

Pandemic aside, online car sales has blown up. It is more common than ever to buy a new car online and are having it delivered to your home. It works for many people and offers significant advantages.


If you’re still on the fence, we’re going to outline the main pros and cons of buying a new car online.


Pros of buying a new car online


There are many pros to buying your next car online, they include:


Saves time


The dealership car buying process is time consuming. Even cash buyers will need to allow at least a couple of hours to fill in paperwork, arrange insurance, make the payments, negotiate and everything else. Use a car loan and it takes even longer!


Buy online and the entire process could be done in minutes!


No sales person


We think the sales team here at Car Nation Canada is awesome but we can appreciate that not everyone likes dealing with sales. Whether that’s pushy sales people, having to negotiate or the upsell, some people go to great lengths to minimize the entire experience.


Buying a car online avoids them completely!


Anytime, anywhere


You can shop for a car online from anywhere, at any time of day whether the dealership is open or not. The internet is open 24/7 and most dealer websites can accept orders and make reservations 24/7 too.


If you work shifts, have insomnia or just can’t sleep, you can buy your car, your way at a time and place of your choosing!


Full refund policies


If you buy a car online, you should have the option for a full refund if you don’t like the car. Some dealerships limit this to several days or within a mileage limit but you can try the car and assess whether you want to keep it or not.


Even though you’re buying a big ticket item, you’re still protected!


Cons of buying a new car online


There are some downsides to buying a new car online though.


No emotional context


If you’re an emotional buyer, you may not get the true experience when buying online. You can see facts and figures, read reviews and watch videos but it doesn’t replace the look and the feel of trying a new car.


No negotiation


For some, not having to deal with sales people and haggle is a good thing. For others, it isn’t. You have no opportunity to negotiate the price down or negotiate extras within the price.


When you buy a car online, the price you see is the price you pay.


No test drive


Technically, you test drive your new car in your first couple of days of ownership. But that’s after you have paid for it, set up insurance and had the car delivered. Test driving is an integral part of buying a car and it isn’t always something you can do online.


We do arrange test drives for online sales but you’ll have to come to the dealership to collect the car.


On balance, we would say the pros of buying a car online far outweigh the cons. What do you think?


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