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Easy ways to Buy a Car for Cheaper in Burlington

Easy ways to Buy a Car for Cheaper in Burlington

Car prices in Canada are out of control, so if you are looking to buy a car for cheaper in Burlington, these money-saving strategies from our auto loans team will help stack the odds in your favor.


Are you looking for new or previously owned vehicles in Burlington?


In the past, used cars could be purchased at a significantly discounted compared to their brand new counterparts, but that is no longer the case. Instead, used car prices are at all-time highs.


The primary reason used cars are being purchased is there are not enough new cars being manufactured to meet demand.


The new car shortage is a global problem and will take a year or even longer before things start to stabilize.


So, if you are thinking about buying a new car, it could take weeks or even months before your vehicle is available for delivery.


Interest rates are used car loans are considerably higher than those found on new cars, so you should aim for a new car if you have the budget and can wait for delivery.


Buying a New Car for Cheaper in Burlington


Before you even start discussing financing terms, you should look for the "demo" vehicle and try to negotiate a lower asking price.


There is a shortage of new cars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to buy a car for cheaper by negotiating a deal. While the dealership may not be able to reduce the asking price by much, they can throw in perks like free oil changes and maintenance packages.


The average oil change can easily set you back $100, so keep an open mind when discussing promotions with the dealership.


One of the best ways to save money on your next car purchase is by taking the zero-percent financing option. How can anyone argue with zero percent? However, while this is a fantastic offer, it will only apply to certain models, and you will need a really strong credit score to qualify for this offer.


To qualify for this type of financing, your credit score has to be over 700, and your income will also need to have enough room in your budget to service the debt.


Most lenders will not offer a loan to a person with a debt-to-income ratio over thirty-five percent; You should try to trim some fat from your budget to ensure you qualify for the zero-percent financing.


Working with the right dealership


You need to find the best dealership in your area when shopping for a new car. The dealership is not just selling you a car; they are also going to help you get the best financing possible.


These dealerships are in the customer service business and want you to have a wonderful experience, so you will keep coming back to them.


Even if you have credit problems and don’t qualify for zero-percent financing, the dealership will get you approved by leveraging their extensive network of lenders.


If you have followed this outline, you will be able to save money on your next car purchase, so start visiting your local dealerships today and explore all of your options.


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