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Beware another new used car scam being used on Craigslist

Beware another new used car scam being used on Craigslist


your used car privately can be a simple matter of advertising it in the right
place at the right time and taking the money. Other times it can be a long,
painful process fraught with hassle and heartache. Car Nation Canada always
needs good quality used cars and will pay good prices for them. However, if you want
to sell yours privately, watch out for this "new" Craigslist scam.

is an amazing repository of the nice, the naughty and the nefarious. Never has
the term "buyer beware" been more appropriate. The majority of the site is
filled with genuine people buying, selling, needing, disposing of legitimate
products and services for a sensible price. But, as always, there is an
annoying minority who want to spoil it for the rest of us.

A new scam
has come to light regarding used cars and Craigslist in the U.S. that we think
everyone should know about. While it hasn't come north yet, it will. The scam
uses fake checks that are used to pay for used cars.

There is
nothing new about forged checks, they have been around for decades. What is new
is the quality of these fakes. These fake checks are supposed to be very, very
good. They have duped quite a few sellers over the past couple of months who
are now lamenting the fact they didn't take cash.

If you're
planning on selling a used car, follow these simple guidelines.

Selling used cars

Selling a
used car doesn't have to be complicated. It can be a matter of preparing the
car for sale, finding somewhere to advertise it and waiting for the phone
calls. With that in mind, we have these simple guidelines to make the entire
process easier.

agree to meet potential buyers in strange places or at strange times

sell from your home and have someone else around just in case

let someone test drive without you and check their license before they sit in
the seat. If they don't have a license they don't have insurance either

to negotiate but don't accept a silly offer

full payment before handing over the keys and doing the paperwork. Cash or bank
transfer are the safest

For the
easiest, safest way to sell your used car, visit Car Nation Canada's
Oakville Used Car Superstore or any of our dealerships. We're
always on the lookout for quality used cars and will likely make you a very
sensible offer even if you aren't buying a car from us!

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