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Best Way to Sell a Used Car in Ontario [2022]

Best Way to Sell a Used Car in Ontario [2022]

The used car market in Ontario is hot right now. In fact, the global used car market has never experienced such a spike in demand.


Carmakers around the world are not able to produce enough cars to meet demand, so car buyers are turning to the used car market for relief. There are not enough vehicles even with skyrocketing prices.


We’ll provide you with some helpful tips to make your selling experience a positive one.


Important paperwork you need


There are some key documents that you will need to prepare before you can sell your used car. Since you are in Ontario, the government has legislated an official sales kit that all private car sellers and buyers must use, without exception.


Another set of documents you will need to prepare after the sales kit is the service history of the vehicle. If you always go to the dealership or local service shop, they can print up a consolidated report.


Prospective car buyers will not pay full price if you are not able to show proof the car was well maintained.


You will also need to get the lien release sent out by the lender who gave you the original car loan. This document proves that the car has no liens on it; without this document, you will not be able to get a competitive offer from prospective buyers.


Get your vehicle ready to sell


In real estate, you “stage” the house before you bring in prospective buyers. This staging is to enhance the appearance and perceived value of the property.


You can use that approach with your car. Clean the vehicle and get it detailed by a professional; by making your car look amazing, the odds of a prospective buyer paying more will increase dramatically.


Making your car stand out from the competition


After going through the hassle of getting your documents ready and detailing your car, it is time to post your used car advertisement in the right place.


You can use social media marketplaces as an option, but you will not get the best quality buyers on that platform. Consider using platforms that already have a well-established base of buyers; an example would be AutoTrader.ca.


When you post your used car advertisement on these platforms, do not give in to the urge to pay for advertising.


These advertisements help move your ad to the top of the page, but you are going up against professional sellers that have significant advertising budgets, so don’t waste your hard-earned money.


The quickest way to sell your used car


You can try to sell your used car on your own, but if you don’t want to or have limited time, there is another quicker option. Take your car to a local car dealership and have them provide you with a quote.


If you accept the quote, the dealership will pay you right away for the car. This option is great when you are in a rush and need money fast, so contact your dealership today.


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