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What's the Best Way to Sell a Hybrid or EV?

What's the Best Way to Sell a Hybrid or EV?

Were you an early adopter? Have a hybrid or electric vehicle you want to sell? You have the usual three options when you sell a hybrid or EV, sell privately, use a car buying service in or sell the car to a dealer for cash.


You may find it easier to sell it to a dealership though and we’ll explain why.


Selling hybrids and EVs privately


Even though hybrids and electric vehicles have been around for over a decade, some buyers still view them as ‘new technology’. Sure, the technology is evolving and developing at pace but the tech itself is well known.


If you try to sell a Hybrid or EV, you will quickly find your market quite narrow with fewer people than you might think willing to buy your car.


This is partly down to fear. We all know how a gas engine works. We all know mechanics and all have workshops or garages we trust with them.


It’s not the same with hybrids and EVs. Batteries, electric motors, lots of electronics and the unknown can all cause potential buyers pause.


Selling hybrids and EVs using a car buying service


Not all car buying services want to touch hybrids and EVs either, for the same reasons.


They don’t yet sell well at auction and smaller dealerships don’t yet want them as they cannot effectively, or affordably warranty EV batteries.


These two are the main outlets for car buying services to sell the cars they buy, so without that market, the services are less keen to buy.


Smaller dealerships won’t touch hybrids and EVs as they don’t want to warranty expensive batteries, but larger dealers will buy them.


Selling hybrids and EVs to a dealership


If you want to sell your car to a dealership, we can help. We buy all kinds of cars and will certainly consider hybrids and EVs.


The hybrid and EV market is growing steadily and demand is increasing. That makes it a good time to sell your car and make some money.


The process for selling is the same as for a gas powered car:


Prepare the car for sale – Clean it inside and out, make any small repairs, repair dings and scratches, check the tires, change the oil and make the car look and feel as presentable as possible.


Prepare the paperwork – Collect the car’s paperwork including all the legal stuff, service history, receipts and invoices and everything you have that supports the car’s history and condition.


Bring the car for appraisal – Make an appointment with our team, have the car appraised and valued. It doesn’t take long. We’ll check the car inside and out, check the mechanicals and take it for a quick test drive to make sure everything works.


Accept the offer and get paid – If you accept our valuation, we’ll buy the car from you there and then. We’ll complete the paperwork and pay into your bank the same day.


We think selling your hybrid or EV to a dealership is the best way to sell for cash. We’ll take it as a trade in too if you’re looking to buy something new!


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