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What's the Best Way to Sell a Car in Canada?

What's the Best Way to Sell a Car in Canada?

If you are seriously thinking about selling your car in Canada, there are some things to bear in mind to reduce your risk of being disappointed. Today's article will cover the best way to sell a car.


Where are you and the car located?


Canada is a massive country, and depending on which part of Canada you live in, your ability to sell the car may be impacted. If you are living in the Yukon, where the population is spread very thin, there may not be enough people who would be interested in buying your car or have the cash available to facilitate the transaction.


You may be living in a more urban area like the GTA, which has a large number of people living in a geographically compact area.


What is your car worth?


Car valuations are influenced by a host of factors, is the make and model of vehicle in high demand? Some brands are always in demand like Jeep Wrangler, even if the Jeep is over 10 years old you will have no issues finding people who want to buy it.


After you have worked out how in-demand the vehicle is, the next variable that impacts the value is the overall condition of the vehicle.


Has it been professionally maintained and detailed? These items play a huge role in the perceived value of the vehicle so you need to have the documentation show the vehicle service history. Another key variable is the mileage of the vehicle. If the car has high mileage, it will put downward pressure on the price.


Reaching your target audience


You can ask family and friends to spread the word about you trying to sell your car. The issue with family and friends is you typically know the same people so you will not reach a critical mass of prospects.


Perhaps, you are thinking about posting the advertisement on social media, it makes sense because most people are on social media.


The drawback is you will soon realize, is while there is a large number of people on social media, most of them are not seriously looking to buy a car, they are just kicking tires (pun intended).


You could find a buyer who likes your car and wants to buy it but does not have enough cash to close the deal so you are faced with the dilemma of lowering your asking price or looking for another buyer.


Pain-free way to sell your car


There is a pain-free way to sell your car, and it does not require much effort on your part. What you need to do is call your local dealership and let them know you are interested in selling your car.


You just drive over to the dealership, and they will take care of the rest. The process begins with an appraisal and once the appraisal has been completed, you can accept the cash offer, use the offer as a trade-in on a new car, or decline.


The dealership can pay cash on the spot but they need to turn a profit reselling the car so they cannot give you the full asking price you want.


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