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The Best Way to Rent a Car: Save Money on Your Next Rental

The Best Way to Rent a Car: Save Money on Your Next Rental

Planning your next get away? Whether you’re heading abroad or staying here in Canada you’re probably going to need some transportation when you get there. That’s where rental cars come in. However the rental market can be big and confusing, which is why we’ve put together this guide to make sure you know the best way to rent a car, anywhere in the world.


Don’t Rent From the Airport


The biggest rookie mistake any traveller can make is renting a car from outside the airport. While it may seem like the most convenient way to do things, airport rental services will charge you a massive premium for that convenience, much more than it would cost you to just take the bus to the next dealership over.


Airport rentals compared to downtown

Airport rentals compared to downtown


Airport car rentals are relying on your laziness not to do that but if you’re willing to go the extra step you will save significantly on your vacation budget.


Shop Around Online


The internet is your ultimate resource for, well for most things really, but especially for saving money. It's probably the best way to rent a car. With a quick Google search you can have every rental car hire in the area a click away, where you can compare and contrast all of their offers directly to make sure you get a deal.



It’s always a bit of a risk to rent a car before you see it, however if you are travelling on a tight schedule then you can rent the car ahead of time, though it will likely be non refundable.


Choose One Driver


Generally a rental process will allow you to register multiple drivers, however taking them up on that offer should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. While it might be convenient or more comfortable to switch drivers, or at least have the option to switch drivers now and then, adding another driver to the mix will incur an extra fee on top of the cost for every new driver you add.


There are some ways to get around this, for instance if the second driver is your spouse you may be able to register them as a driver for free if they fit the criteria of the dealership, but as a general rule go in expecting a single driver.


Skip The Addons 


Any good rental salesman is going to try and bundle a whole bunch of extras onto your rental deal and you can comfortably skip all of them. You’ll just have to put on your sternest face and say no, otherwise you’ll end up paying for extra coverage that you really don’t need, especially on a rental.


Hopefully this article helps you save money on your next car rental. If you have any more questions, please contact us here.

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