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Aston Martins shows the future for EV classics

Aston Martins shows the future for EV classics

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One argument against the retirement of fossil fuels is classic cars. Many have already been converted from leaded fuel to unleaded and it would be impossible to convert them to use something else other than gas. Or would it? Aston Martin seems to have an idea that would work.

As part of their overall electrification program, Aston Martin have developed a retrofit electric motor that can be added to existing Aston classics. This is an excellent way to ensure classic cars remain viable now and into the future. They aren’t the only automaker to offer this kind of service but they are the only top tier company aside from Jaguar to offer it as far as I know.

Individual companies like Electric Classic Cars in the UK or EV West or Zelectric Motors in the US offer similar retrofit services. All offer to convert an existing classic car into electric with a full EV motor, batteries, controls and even regenerative braking. Aside from what I thought was a one off conversion for Prince Harry’s wedding last year, I didn’t know such services existed until the Aston Martin story broke ground.

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Both the Aston Martin kit and others offered elsewhere, replace the standard gasoline engine and drivetrain with an electric motor. It is designed to bolt onto exiting engine mounts while the batteries will be placed where most convenient. A power management screen is then added to the dashboard to make managing your new EV easier.

Should the law change to eradicate fossil fuels altogether, this kind of conversion could be key to keeping your classic on the road. These conversions are reversible too, so should you be able to, or need to, you can convert your classic back into a gas-powered vehicle without having to modify the structure of the car. It’s a win win.

With electric motors becoming smaller and more efficient and battery technology allowing them to travel further, electric vehicles are definitely the future. There is still a place for hydrogen and other alternative fuels but the auto industry and the public at large have accepted EVs. They need very little maintenance, no special filling stations and more EV charging points are appearing daily.

If you have a classic car you have been dreading letting go of, you may not have to. With conversions costing as little as $5,000 (US) and getting cheaper all the time, it’s a small price to pay for keeping your pride and joy on the road. This is the kind of good news story I like to begin the year with!

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