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What Happens after a Dealership Buys your Car?

What Happens after a Dealership Buys your Car?

Have you ever wondered what happens after a dealership buys your car? Apparently, more people than we imagined wonder what happens to their pride and joy once they sell it on.


That’s what today’s post is all about.


We’ll outline what happens once you sell your car to a dealership or trade it in so you never have to wonder again.


There are three things could happen next if a dealership buys your car:


Send it to auction

Sell it to a car wholesaler

Sell it ourselves


Let’s give you a little insight into each of those options.


Send it to auction


Before new car shortages and the semiconductor issue, many cars you sold to a dealership were sent to action. We would often wait until we have a few cars, clean them up and check them over and then send them to auction.


Other auto traders would then buy these cars from the auction to sell on their own lots.


Used car auctions used to be huge and was the primary way to offload the cars we took as trade ins or bought. Now not so much, but it’s still an option.


Sell it to a car wholesaler


Car wholesalers are companies that buy cars in bulk from dealerships and other organizations. Once we had a number of cars on our lot, we could sell them as a batch to a wholesaler who would come and collect them with a car transporter.


The wholesaler would then sell them on to other dealers similar to auctions.


Again, the current market means we don’t use car wholesalers much at the moment but they used to be, and still are really, a viable way to dispose of trade ins and used cars.


Sell it ourselves


We used to cherry pick used cars to sell ourselves. If they were on-brand, i.e., the same brand as the dealership, we would often keep them and resell them ourself.


We do this for the majority of cars now. The current market means there are lots of buyers out there for all kinds of used cars, so we tend to sell them ourselves now.


We buy your car, pay into your bank and you walk away happy.


Meanwhile, your car is thoroughly checked over. We perform exhaustive checks on everything to ensure the car is safe, mechanically sound and ready for resale.


If parts, servicing or repair are needed, we do that ourselves in our own shop. We’ll then give the car a full service, have it detailed and prepare the paperwork.


We’ll then list it on our own website and perhaps display it on our own lot. Demand for high quality used cars is such that once we list the car, it typically generates interest right away.


Selling your car to a dealership is the ultimate form of recycling. Someone else gets to use your car and get many more years of service out of it.


All those resources it took to build the car continue to play a part and hopefully, deliver another decade or so of faithful service.


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