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5 Unusual Ways to Save Money in 2021

5 Unusual Ways to Save Money in 2021

We often talk about budgeting and saving money in the finance section of the Car Nation Canada blog. We try to answer the most common questions and cover popular topics as much as possible. Today is no different as we are discussing some unusual ways to save money.

The subject came up when I was talking to a finance writer friend about saving up for new cars, surviving COVID and new year’s resolutions. Between us we came up with 5 lesser known ways you can save up for a new car or to keep your head above water.

Whether you’re saving for a down payment on a new car or something else, these tips could make a difference.


Say no to New Year


I don’t know about you, but the new year is when I try to start afresh. It might mean a new suit, a new car, new bicycle, new computer or something else I have been wanting but have been too reticent to buy.

I know I’m not alone in this. Skipping this part of the new year could save big. Even a new suit could save $300-$400 and that’s just one single purchase!


Turn off Appliances


How many of you leave your appliances on standby overnight? I used to do it all the time and then someone told me how much I could save. Not only do I save money, I also help to save energy.

Turning off a few appliances every night or when you’re not using them for a while can save around $150 per year depending on how many you have.


Continue Working from Home


If you’re currently working from home, continuing that could also save money. As long as your employer or job allows, working from home saves time, stress and money. Lower gas bills as you’re not driving to work, you make your own coffee and lunch, you don’t spend money at the vending machine or go for a beer after work.

There are downsides of course but financially, working from home makes sense!


Stick to 60


Sticking to 55 or 60 mph (88 km/h – 96 km/h) on the freeway can save between 10 – 15% on gas. If you commute to work or use highways often, this could lower your fuel bill significantly over a year.

Let’s be honest, if you live near a city, it isn’t often you can go faster than this anyway so it isn’t a big sacrifice!


Save your Dollar Coins


Saving dollar coins and putting them in a jar isn’t exactly unusual but more people should definitely do it. Every time you make change, sort your $1 or $2 coins, put them in a jar and bank them when the jar is full.

It won’t make you rich and it won’t save as much as other money saving tips but every little helps. A dollar is small enough to be common but not so much that you’ll miss it from your pocket. You’ll soon see them fill up the jar though!

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