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2022 Lincoln Navigator Brings Quite a Few Improvements

2022 Lincoln Navigator Brings Quite a Few Improvements

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator debuted last week and brought quite a few improvements. The big Lincoln SUV is having a midcycle makeover and gives us a new front and rear end and some new technology.


The Lincoln Navigator is a flagship SUV so any change has to be carefully considered. Thankfully, this update delivers.


Bringing the changes


You’ll immediately notice the larger front grille. It’s hard to miss but still manages to look perfectly in place. The headlights are new too. They are adaptive projectors that should deliver much more usable light out front.


At the rear a set of new 3D taillights are also obvious Where the red part of the light part was at the bottom, it is now above the clear part, with some chrome underneath for good measure.


A minor, but noticeable change.


The changes you won’t see are upgrades to the adaptive suspension. It uses sensors and cameras to monitor movements and upcoming road conditions to adapt the suspension to suit.


Interior upgrades


Inside the 2022 Lincoln Navigator, you’ll notice a larger touchscreen, now 13.2 inches. New vents and a new digital screen in the second row are also there.


You also get hands-free driving with Lincoln ActiveGlide, a version of Ford’s BlueCruise driver assist technology. It uses cameras and sensors to monitor approved roads so you can drive hands free.


There are ‘only’ 130,000 miles of approved roads right now, all in the US, so we have to wait a while until we can use the system.


The 2022 Lincoln Navigator also brings Intersection Assist and Active Park Assist 2.0 as standard. The Trailer Reverse Guidance package adds even more cameras to help those two tow trailers too.


The SYNC4 system also gets an upgrade. It now apparently has twice the computing power it once did and has had a UI makeover to differentiate it from Ford’s version.


Finally, the big Lincoln gets OTA (Over The Air) updates using LincolnEnhance. These updates will provide feature updates and fixes using WiFi.


Navigator Black Label


If you’re a Black Label customer you’ll get two new ‘themes’, Central Park and Invitation.


Central Park brings a new wood finish with an etched map of the famous part and special finishing to the seats that mimic the New York skyline. The Manhattan Green colour completes the look.


Invitation has different wood with laser etching around the instruments and centre console.


The 2022 Lincoln Navigator has delivered a lot for a midcycle refresh but it all seems well thought out. Even more reason to consider the big Lincoln if you’re in the market for a luxury SUV!


Check out the 2022 Lincoln Navigator at Northway Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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