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2021 Ram ProMaster

2021 Ram ProMaster

The second piece of van-related news this week is the arrival of the 2021 Ram ProMaster. We don’t talk a lot about vans on the Car Nation Canada blog. Not because we don’t like them but because they tend to generate far fewer headlines than cars, SUVs and crossovers. This week seeks to change that. First with the electric Transit and now with the new Ram.

The Ram ProMaster is a popular van with contractors and couriers. The new version was unveiled by Ram Commercial at The Work Truck Show 2020 in Indianapolis. It showed the van in all its glory and showcased some new tech that would make using the van just that little bit easier.


The 2021 Ram ProMaster is a decent competitor to the Ford Transit and sells well in North America. It is a good size, easy to drive, car-like in its road manners and has decent visibility for a panel van.

Ram Commercial have been working hard to deliver a competitive van that delivers the goods. Literally.

"Ram Commercial was formed in 2014, and our full-size van customers have enjoyed Ram's benchmark durability ever since," said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Brand. "Ram Commercial continues to focus solely on trucks and commercial vehicles, allowing us to deliver confidence for hard-working people every day, no matter their line of work."

Digital rearview mirror

The shape of the 2021 Ram ProMaster is familiar, with minor updates to the front end. It is inside where most of the changes have happened. The most interesting is a digital rearview mirror.

As you can appreciate, the rearview mirror is compromised in a van by the rear doors and any load you’re carrying. Ram’s way around that is to use a camera instead.

A camera at the rear feeds into a 9.2” wide display configured in the traditional position of the rearview mirror. It offers improved safety while maneuvering, while loading and while on the road. It’s a great update that will prove popular.

Another new addition is Crosswind Assist. The system helps the driver keep a straight line while the van is being battered by side winds and feeds into the other safety tech to help keep you safe.

ProMaster buyers will also now be able to choose blind spot monitoring with cross-path detection, forward collision warning with emergency brake assist to work alongside Crosswind Assist to keep the van on the road.

Along with the ever-reliable 3.6-litre V6 engine and front wheel drive, the 2021 Ram ProMaster provides an excellent option for couriers, contractors and anyone who needs a reliable van. Available in 18 different configurations with dozens of fit and finish options, there is sure to be a van here to meet your needs.

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