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2020 Ford Explorer spied

2020 Ford Explorer spied

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The upcoming 2020 Ford Explorer has been spied in the wild again and this time the camouflage has been dialled right back. That usually means an unveiling is imminent. While we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the big Ford SUV, any hints at all are welcome.

The images are over at FordAuthority.com and show the 2020 Ford Explorer from all kinds of angles. Previous sightings included lots of camouflage that hid many of the details we wanted to see. This camo is more like a vinyl wrap and doesn’t leave all that much to the imagination.

2020 Ford Explorer
These new images down the front end very clearly this time round. We see the familiar Ford grille and blue oval badge, recesses for LEDs or fog lights, the angled headlights and some detailing on the hood. It’s less of a slab of steel and has a more accessible fascia this time round.

We also get to see a raked windshield and what looks like a slightly sloping roof that folds round into a tailgate. Side panels show minimal detailing aside from the lower sill and a decent set of alloy wheels, although they don’t look new so may not be for production.

At the back, we see a set of lights very reminiscent of both a Mini Clubman or Range Rover. It’s a simple rear end with a recess for a reversing camera, dual exhaust and LED lighting.

Overall, the design is similar to the current Explorer with some new design touches to keep it up to date. While we cannot yet see it against the current model, the proportions look much the same. However, we know that the Explorer is supposed to be using Ford’s global D6 platform which is for larger vehicles so it may be slightly larger than the current model.

We know very little about the mechanicals of the 2020 Ford Explorer as yet. We expect similar engine choices to now, with a four cylinder EcoBoost turbo and a V6 version. We also expect it to utilize Ford’s very slick ten speed automatic transmission but that has not yet been confirmed either. The engine in the Explorer ST has been confirmed as the 3.0-litre twin turbo V6 that will deliver around 400 hp.

We don’t yet know when we will get to see the 2020 Ford Explorer in the flesh but I’ll cover it once we do. The current model can be found at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2, if you can’t wait that long!

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