Car buyers want better gas mileage over cheap prices

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A survey from Consumer Reports in the US has found that the majority of buyers would forego lower prices in favour of better gas mileage. In a report that flies in the face of what else is going on down south, this report echoes what many Canadians have known for years, that we take our environment seriously.
The report, commissioned by Consumer Reports  asked 1,078 respondents about their priorities when it comes to new car purchases. Of those that replied, 37% said fuel economy gains were important, 26% said maintenance costs and 23% said purchase price were most important to them. Of those respondents, 53% owned vehicles with less than 20 mpg gas mileage.
The same report said 80% of respondents, 4 out of 5, said improving gas mileage and lowering emissions was a worthwhile goal. A decent 75% of respondents also said the US government should increase and enforce stricter fuel-economy standards.
Consumer Reports also added this in a statement.
‘Consumers should be offered fuel-efficient choices for all types of vehicles,’ Shannon Baker-Branstetter, manager of cars and environmental policy for Consumer Reports said. ‘Progress has already been made in fuel economy technology and deployment for cars and crossovers. These survey results should tell automakers and regulators that truck and SUV owners want improved fuel economy, not a rollback of current efforts.’
Mileage matters
The survey is an interesting one as it confirms what many of us have believed all along and contradicts what American politicians have been trying to convince their voters they believed. That gas mileage is still an important factor for the buying public. Whether that’s to reduce emissions or just save money at the pump, the end result is the same.
The survey also went on to say that almost two thirds of people want fuel economy standards to be more stringent and enforcement more robust. Only 34% thought that automakers were the ones interested in improving gas emissions rather than lobbyists or government.
Whichever side of the fence you’re on, getting more out of a tank of gas has to be good news for everyone. If that can be achieved while also polluting less and not impacting the driving experience or performance, all the better.
Ford, Kia, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and other automakers have invested heavily in cleaner cars and we are beginning to see their fruits of their labour. When price parity is finally achieved and there are no compromise in the ownership experience, our roads are going to start looking completely different. I can’t wait!
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