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2019 Mazda3

2019 Mazda3

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The 2019 Mazda3 looks great and is supposed to be a blast to drive. Having seen one up close and had a good look around, I can attest to the first but unfortunately not the second. Someone I know has driven the little Mazda though and they loved it!

The 2019 Mazda3 is a compact sedan ideal for city streets. It may be modestly-sized but it feels much larger inside yet drives like something much more nimble. It’s an ideal balance between practicality and fun and I have put myself down to drive one at the earliest possible moment.

2019 Mazda3 design
The 2019 Mazda3 continues the Mazda habit of delivering excellent quality cars with modern design and creative flair. The 3 has a long, low hood that curves down at the front into a thin grille with Mazda badge. The headlights are equally thin and curve round the fender. A small front valance finishes off the front end.

The design then flows over the hood and screen, over the rounded roof to a modest trunk. The rear has an equally thin light band and large sculpted bumper. A distinctive waistline and curve in the door panels completes the look.

Inside, the cabin is equally well designed with a long and low dashboard with popup centre screen, simple controls, small centre stack and very comfortable seating. Rear space is okay too despite the curved roof and small dimensions. Extra tall adults may be uncomfortable on longer journeys but otherwise fit in fine.

2019 Mazda3 engine and drivetrain
Under the hood is the 2.5-litre SkyActiv four cylinder engine as found in the Mazda CX-5. It’s a very accomplished engine that users a six speed automatic transmission. It delivers 186 hp and 186 lb-ft of torque in a very lively way.

Mazda engines feature cylinder deactivation to save gas and that features here too. I have driven SkyActiv before and you would never know unless you were looking for it that you were running fewer cylinders. It’s a very slick system that works enviably well.

The drive is supposed to be superb. Smooth, supple with enough feedback from the steering and the road to keep you in contact and feeling like you are actually driving the car rather than just travelling in one. It’s a signature of Mazda that they can build such finely tuned cars that can be fun even if the specs on paper don’t make you think it will be.

The 2019 Mazda3 looks great and offers a whole lot for the money. I can’t wait to actually get behind the wheel of one. If you feel the same, visit Mazda of Hamilton, 1977 Upper James Street Hamilton, ON L9B 1K8.

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