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2019 Ford Focus leaked

2019 Ford Focus leaked

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There are still five months or so before Ford was planning to release the 2019 Ford Focus but it seems a photographer with quick reactions got there first. Apparently spied while in a photo shoot somewhere in Portugal, we now have a pretty good idea what the next generation Focus looks like.

The image comes from a Hungarian who was in the right place at the right time with a camera. The initial images were posted on Hungarian website Vezess but have been taken up by the world’s automotive press. The cat really is out of the bag on this one!

2019 Ford Focus
We didn’t expect to see this car without camouflage until the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show at the very earliest. Ford have a reveal planned in April and we had thought it would be for the Focus but nothing had been confirmed. Many thought it would be even later than that. Either way, we know at least what it will look like even if nothing else has been released.

The 2019 Ford Focus is being masterminded by Darren Palmer who took over Ford’s small cars and has revamped the Fiesta among other global models. The 2019 Ford Focus will use the same global C platform as the Fiesta in hatch guise and will arrive with a number of variants. We don’t yet know if there will be a sedan version but personally, I doubt there will be.

From the image we can see what looks like a lower and rounder front end. A curved hood rolling down into a more aero nose, angled lights coming round to each fender and fluted panels along the profile. A distinct flare at the waist curves into the rear light cluster before hitting the hatch. A new set of petal wheels completes the look.

There seem to be lots of influences in this new car. You can see a bit of Hyundai in there, a bit of BMW 2 series and maybe a little Mercedes-Benz A-class in the profile. I like it so far.

Getting under the skin
As this shot and the few camouflage ones we have seen are pretty much it for leaks so far. We know very little about what’s underneath the sheetmetal though. I think it reasonable to expect smaller engines with turbos to help manage gas mileage and emissions. There are also likely to be both manual and automatic transmissions, front wheel drive and the usual mix of trims and technology.

The 2019 Ford Focus is being manufactured in China and will be shipped in to the United States before being brought to Canada. We don’t yet know if we will be getting our own shipments eventually or whether this is the way things are done now. Like many of the details around the 2019 Ford Focus, much has yet to be announced.

The current Focus is a solid car and looks great. We have a bunch of new and certified used models here at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2. Come check them out!

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