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2019 Ford Fiesty ST Line: A Quick Overview

2019 Ford Fiesty ST Line: A Quick Overview

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One of the most fun, most exciting small cars in the world is getting an NA release. Sort of. The 2019 Fiesta ST Line is almost the car we had hoped for but not quite. Ford have said this hot hatch car will indeed be coming here but not quite in the way we hoped. Considering how few and far between Ford cars are going to be, I guess we should be happy we’re getting one at all.


The full bore Fiesta ST is a hot hatch is all meanings of the word. Fast, high revving engines, lightweight chassis, composed suspension and great looks means they sell extremely well where they are sold. The 2019 Fiesta ST Line is the looks part but not the fast part. According to Ford, ‘It's for people who want the look of a sporty car but they don't necessarily care about having that performance’. Not sure who that would be but we do like choice.


2019 Fiesta ST Line


The 2019 Fiesta ST Line has the look and feel of the ST but not the engine or performance. The body has been taken straight off a standard ST. That means the neat honeycomb grille, front splitter, side skirts, rear rooftip spoiler and lower valance, black accents instead of chrome and alloy wheels. The alloys on this model are unique to the ST Line and look good in black.


Inside, you have a modified cabin with ST Line badging and trim. A leather steering wheel, contrasting stitching, model specific mats, metal pedal covers and scuff plates and likely a few other neat touches too.


Instead of the ST engine, the 2019 Fiesta ST Line gets the 1.6-litre four cylinder that produces 120 hp and 112 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a manual and automatic transmission option that will send power to the front wheels.


Ford says the 2019 Fiesta ST Line is a ‘hast hurrah’ for the Fiesta before it retires. The message coming from Ford is mixed. The 2019 Fiesta ST Line is being released in North America to test the water to see if a model of this type would work but the Fiesta is being stopped in favour of crossovers and SUVs as part of Ford’s revision process. Regardless of the why, this cool looking Fiesta looks fast even if it doesn’t go fast!


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