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2018 Lincoln Navigator: A Quick Overview

2018 Lincoln Navigator: A Quick Overview

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​Last week the U.S. price for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator was announced, at $73,250 (US). While we are still waiting for Canadian pricing, it shows that Lincoln are trying to remain competitive while still offering as much luxury as it is possible to nail to a chassis.


Not only is this Lincoln SUV great to look at, it is also cheaper than the competing Cadillac Escalade. It has a better design, look and feel too so I think there is no competition between the two. Plus, you don’t have to be a rapper or football player to own a Lincoln.


The American price was for a 2018 Lincoln Navigator Premier. This model comes with heated leather seats, climate control, 20 inch alloy wheels, real wood trim, 12 inch touchscreen and Lincoln Concierge services. It also features the sleek new design great engine options and loads of added extras. If you are in the market for a full size luxury SUV, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator takes some beating.


Flight of the Navigator


One key element of the new Navigator is that it will be lighter, considerably so apparently. Exact weight savings have yet to be revealed but it was a primary concern according to sources.


The design is very different to the Ford Explorer upon which it is based yet shares slight design cues. It is a very different vehicle and looks very modern yet very classically styled at the same time. It is a good balance that allows the Navigator to shine completely separately from its genesis.


The 3.5-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine is going to be awesome. Paired with Ford’s new 10 speed automatic transmission, the 450 hp will be send to the rear or all wheels. This is enough power to deliver a very smooth driving experience where it would be rare indeed to have to every hear the motor above the sound insulation.


A very stiff but accomplished chassis will ensure a smooth ride in all situations. Those big wheels should glide over any imperfections with ease and the specially tuned suspension will keep everything just so wherever and however you drive.


I like the look and feel of the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.


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