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2017 Lincoln Continental: A Quick Overview

2017 Lincoln Continental: A Quick Overview

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I got to spend some time with the 2017 Lincoln Continental last week and I must say, I was impressed. I have never owned, or wanted to own a Lincoln before but now I might be a convert.


The design is really smooth. The front end is reminiscent of new Jaguar and Audi while the rear quarter seen at profile has elements of Rolls Royce about it. The interior is somewhere between the two.


2017 Lincoln Continental design


When you see the 2017 Lincoln Continental for the first time, you cannot help but stare. The flowing lines, sculpted panels and aero design is a real triumph. There isn’t a single panel that looks out of place or mediocre. It is a very coherent shape that still looks very much premium but with more youthful appeal.


Inside the cabin, there is a fine balance between the establishment in Jaguar or other premium marques and modernity. Seats are deep and comfortable, the centre arm rest nicely padded and the trim and detailing universally well done and attractive. Controls are all within reach, with steering wheel controls and a touchscreen in the centre stack to keep everything just so.


Passenger space and comfort is generous. Rear seats have lots of leg room and enough head room for even the tallest passenger. The trunk is generous too, with enough space for a couple of sets of golf clubs or the weekly grocery shop with room to spare.


2017 Lincoln Continental mechanicals


The Continental uses the same chassis as the Ford Fusion but you would never know it. While the Fusion is smooth and competent, the Continental takes it to a whole new level. It is comfortable in the extreme and can corner well for a car of this size.


The car I saw had a twin turbo 3.0-litre engine that produces 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. It uses a six speed automatic transmission to send power to all wheels. Rear wheel drive is the norm though. The transmission uses a push button next to the centre stack which takes a little getting used to but quickly becomes second nature.


The drive is quiet and smooth. The engine is refined and you hardly hear it even when you put it under load. With switchable driving modes, accomplished suspension and great road holding, there wasn’t a single time when I didn’t feel completely in control. All while being coddled by soft touch materials all around me.


If I was in the market for a luxury sedan I would definitely check out the 2017 Lincoln Continental. It takes on the German marques at their own game and more than holds its own.


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