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2017 Lincoln Continental shown at Detroit

2017 Lincoln Continental shown at Detroit

The long-awaited 2017 Lincoln Continental has been unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show this week. The successor to the Lincoln MKS has certainly made waves since its arrival and will likely continue that when it hits dealership in fall 2016.

From what we saw at the show, the 2017 Lincoln Continental has more than a passing resemblance to the Audi A4. That’s a good thing as it’s a reassuringly solid shape with more than a touch of premium. The chunky, yet streamlined design is going to attract just the kind of buyer Lincoln want, affluent, tasteful and younger than traditional Lincoln buyers.

2017 Lincoln Continental
The design is good, really good. As mentioned, that chunky profile has more than a touch of class and that will resonate well with the target market. The front end has a new grille, similar to the one we saw on the Lincoln concept last year. Angled headlights and a tidy lower facia make for a great first impression.

A straight body with fluted panels and nice lower sill draws the eye as intended. A slightly sloped roof, black on a white body in the demonstrator, looks great, especially when you get closer and realize it’s a panoramic sunroof. At the back a familiar light bar goes the entire width of the back, with twin pipes a moulded rear bumper and Lincoln spelled out in letters.

Inside, the demo car was all about luxury. The cabin is quite a departure from previous Lincoln and will be more successful for it. The materials and finishing are all top quality, while the loud trims have been pared down in a much more modern and classy way.

Features for the 2017 Lincoln Continental include driver aids such as collision warning, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assistant and 360-degree camera monitoring. Luxury features include climate control, rear audio controls, sunshades, heated, cooled and massaging seats, premium Revel audio, navigation and a whole lot more.

Under the hood will be a 3.0-litre twin turbo V6 that will deliver around 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. It will send power to the rear through an automatic transmission. All supported by the Ford CD4 platform currently performing exceptionally well in the Ford Edge.

We must say that we were pleasantly surprised that the 2017 Lincoln Continental so closely resembles the concept we saw last year. It is a fantastic looking car with a potentially excellent engine, quality underpinnings, plenty of luxury and an air of sophistication Lincoln richly deserves. We can’t wait to get one in the dealership!

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