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2017 Ford Mustang stars in new version of C'Etait un Rendez-vous

2017 Ford Mustang stars in new version of C'Etait un Rendez-vous

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Any car fan of a certain age will have seen C'Etait un Rendez-vous at some point in their lives. It is one of the most impressive and awe inspiring car movies of all time. Not just for the driving or that Ferrari soundtrack but also for the pure feeling of speed and danger during its nine minute running time. Ford have just tried to replicate that with a Mustang.

Unfortunately, when people list great car movies, C'Etait un Rendez-vous rarely comes up. That’s mainly because people don’t remember the name or that its cult status is often forgotten until long after your car buddies have gone home. Nevertheless, this film is one of the best car movies ever made. Period.

The original C'Etait un Rendez-vous.

I’m not sure whether I’m more nostalgic for having seen this movie in the 1980s on VHS or for a city where the roads are that quiet. I think Paris at 5am is quieter than most of our cities now at 2-3am.

Ford’s 2017 version with the Mustang. This will only work properly if you have a VR headset.

The second movie has the same kind of feeling as the original but with none of the jeopardy. You know that health and safety were everywhere and that no puppies or pedestrians were hurt in the making of the movie, yet it still makes for good watching. The V8 soundtrack may not have the same impact as the V12 Ferrari you hear in the original but it sounds good enough. The switch around at the end was cool too.

At least we know this new version was actually filmed using the car we thought it was…

2017 Ford Mustang
The movie was apparently shot using a 5.0-litre V8 version of the 2017 Ford Mustang. It is the Mustang to buy if you love driving. While you do get a decent audio system in the Mustang, you don’t really need it. That rumble and pop is enough of a soundtrack to make even the most mundane commute a grin-inducing experience!

Few modern cars manage to keep the spirit of the original alive as well as the Mustang. The Dodge Charger is probably the only other car that manages it so well. This movie balances both heritage and modernity as well as the car does and if you can view it, it’s well worth watching.

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