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2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT


The Ford GT
is an iconic car with a long and illustrious history. Yet it's all changing for
the next generation. We are both sad and excited at the changes Ford are making and we can't
decide which emotion is strongest.

We're sad
that the emphasis on the 2017 Ford GT is on being a track car and not a
performance road car. Ford have said repeatedly that the next generation of the
Ford GT won't be for the road, or within reach of those who like performance
cars. Instead, it will be a track car designed for racers.

pricing has yet to be announced, Ford have said it will be in the region of the
Lamborghini Aventador. That car starts at around $440,000. That's almost four
times the price of the old GT. Production is also said to be limited to 250
cars a year so prices will only go up.

We are happy
in that the design is awesome, the engine is immense and the technology
designed to power this car will trickle down to road cars once proven. So it's
not all bad. Not by a long shot.

What to expect

Front and
centre is the EcoBoost engine. It’s a 3.5-litre twin turbo V6 lump that has now
been confirmed to generate in excess of 600 hp. Specifications are as yet
unannounced but it isn't unreasonable to expect more than 600, especially if
the GT is to compete with the Aventador which produces 700 hp.

That engine
will be mated to a seven speed dual clutch transmission that help it go from
0-100 km/h in 3 seconds and achieve a top speed of over 320 km/h. To help
control all that power, 50 sensors continuously monitor everything with 28
processors analyzing over 300 megabytes of data per second.

for a track-oriented car, there will be switchable driving modes. Normal,
Sport, Track and Wet modes will adjust engine power, throttle management,
antilock brakes, brake control, traction control, electronic stability control,
damper characteristics, torque vectors, ride height and active aerodynamics. We
wonder if any racer worth their licence would ever use Normal mode?

The design
of the exterior is all about aerodynamics. While Ford's design is amazing to look
at, you can see clearly that cheating wind is at the centre of things. Weight
has been shaved wherever possible too. The inside is Spartan to say the least.
Seats are fixed, with only a tiny amount of adjustment, there are no comfort
features and everything is designed around the driver.

The 2017
Ford GT is an awesome beast to behold and will look amazing in motion. While us
mere mortals are unlikely to be able to afford one, at least we will get to see
them race on TV at Le Mans.

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