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The 2017 Ford Focus EV Range is Impressive

The 2017 Ford Focus EV Range is Impressive

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The 2017 Ford Focus EV gets a range upgrade for the model year, expected to deliver an extra 45 miles per charge than the current model. Given how popular electric vehicles are becoming in our cities, that is welcome news indeed. Ford are going to be very happy with how this sells we think.


Ford said upgraded batteries are the reason the 2017 Ford Focus EV will get more from a charge. The current model uses 23-kWh batteries to drive the motor whereas the new model will use 33-kWh units. This should push the per-charge range from 76 to over 110 miles depending on your driving style.


That is a significant step forward in terms of practicality. While not many of us have a 100 mile commute, it means the majority of buyers should be able to do a full day’s driving and charge overnight instead of having to find a charger at work or in the parking lot. It is a small change in terms of numbers that will have much more of an impact in terms of living with the 2017 Ford Focus EV.


Ford said they won’t be releasing exact numbers until the 2017 Ford Focus EV has been evaluated by the American EPA.


2016 Ford Focus EV

In the meantime, there are some very good deals available on the 2016 Ford Focus EV right now.
The standard Ford Focus is a practical runabout that performs well, drives excellently and offers a lot of space for a small footprint. Add electric propulsion into the mix and you have a very easy car to live with day to day.


The design of the EV is identical to the standard Focus except for the fact it is only currently available as a hatch. It does get xenon headlights and LED taillights though. The current Ford range looks fantastic. The front end is great, with the grill, headlights and hood design all looking modern and right on trend.


The cabin continues in the same vein. Well-built interiors are typical Ford and the 2016 Ford Focus EV is no different. Aside from a few EV-specific controls, it looks and feels exactly like a standard Focus. Roomy, well put together and feature-rich.


The 2016 Ford Focus EV uses a 107 kW electric motor alongside 23-kWh lithium-ion batteries. This delivers the equivalent of 143 hp to the front wheels via a direct drive transmission. The current range is around 76 miles and will charge via a 240 volt charger. Charging takes around 4 hours.


The 2016 Ford Focus EV is a practical look at future driving. The car is well built, the motor delivers decent power and range and will work for most families. Visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 and try it for yourself.


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