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2017 Chrysler Pacific Hybrid: A Quick Overview

2017 Chrysler Pacific Hybrid: A Quick Overview

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Production kicked off on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid last week in Windsor, Ontario. The new Chrysler required quite the makeover for the plant including retooling, upgrades and refits. It is good news for both the minivan market and the area who rely heavily on manufacturing as part of the local economy.


The hybrid is the first electric produce manufactured at the Windsor plant but now it has been tooled up to produce them, we hope more are on their way.


2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is an extension of the return of the minivan. First revitalized by the standard 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, the introduction of this hybrid version adds another element to responsible family motoring. Minivans have never been the most frugal of vehicles and that all changes with the release of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.



The design is excellent and I have covered it a couple of times before. It’s sleek, modern and yet friendly and approachable at the same time. While limited by the necessity of providing acres of interior space, Chrysler have managed to do a lot with what they have. It is now without doubt, the best look family hauler on the market.
The news with the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is obviously the drivetrain. Powered by a 3.6-litre V6 engine that is already the best on test in terms of MPG, adding a hybrid drivetrain to proceedings just make it all the sweeter. By including a 16kWh battery pack and an electric motor takes it even further. The U.S. ratings of 28 miles per gallon highway, 18 city and 22 combined were very good for the size. However, the hybrid achieves 84 MPGe (the e is for equivalent) according to the U.S. EPA.
The design and interior of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid are exactly the same as the standard model with one exception. The second row Stow ‘n Go seating had to go to make room for the batteries. The third row still disappears but the second row does not. The seats can be folded down but they don’t go into the floor cavity a la Stow ‘n Go. Other than that, the hybrid setup includes no other compromises on the experience.
While heavier, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has been set up to manage that weight. Regenerative braking has been improved too. So much so that you won’t even notice the difference between ‘normal’ braking and regenerative. It is one of the many excellent innovations the minivan brings and a good reason why it is now the market leader.
If you’re looking for a do-it-all vehicle that can haul the family and a bit of household cargo, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid could be it.
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