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2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA GLA250

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA GLA250

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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA GLA250 is a compact crossover SUV that delivers style and genuine off road ability. Even though few ever venture far into the wilderness, it’s good to know that should anything happen, it could if it wanted. That said, the GLA is also a very comfortable and attractive vehicle.

The GLA is a friendly SUV with none of the bulkiness of a traditional design. In fact, it hardly looks like a crossover at all, more a tall hatchback or something. Either way, it is a very attractive looking car with all the right cues in all the right places.

It’s low at the front and rounded in profile giving it a very approachable appearance. It’s also modern and looks comfortable on the highway or suburban streets. A very raked windshield and aero front end do make it look like a typical Mercedes-Benz.

The driving position looks quite advanced thanks to the popup screen and selection of switches and dials. It’s a nice place to be, with quality materials and superb finishing. Visibility is good all round and the seats are very adjustable so you will find that perfect position for long road trips or commutes. Passenger space is also generous with room in back for a modest amount of cargo.

Engine and drivetrain
This model currently on sale at Unique Superstore is the turbocharged 2.0-litre model with seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The engine delivers 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels as this is the 4MATIC model. Ideal for all weathers here in Canada.

As you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz, the drive is smooth and composed. The engine is very responsive while the transmission is slick and always on time. The combination is a driving experience where everything is taken care of for you and you never have to wonder what’s going on what gear you’re in or any of that. You can just enjoy the experience of driving.

Also as you would expect, levels of comfort and technology are high. The GLA250 comes with alloy wheels, power liftgate, power front seats with memory, hill descent control, power sunroof, electronic compass, keyless entry, power seat, rearview camera, cruise control, climate control, navigation system and a lot more besides.

This 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA GLA250 has only 42,037km on the clock and is priced to sell. Visit the Unique Superstore, 880 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON L7N 2G2 to see it up close.

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