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The 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX Is A Great Crossover

The 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX Is A Great Crossover

There’s a 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX for sale over at Car Nation Canada Direct. As someone who has driven one of these cars, I can attest to their comfort, smooth handling and good road manners.


If you’re in the market for a reliable, comfortable used crossover, this could be just what you’re looking for!


Mazda CX-3 GX design


The design of the 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX is typical Mazda. A signature front grille, angled lighting, minimal chrome and a front sloping hood. A steeply raked windshield flows into a curved roof down to the hatch.


Side panels are minimalist with no detailing, the right height is fairly high and the entire package is quietly competent.


Inside, Mazda exhibits its usual high quality finishing with premium materials, nice finishing, practical layouts and a comfortable driving position. This is a compact crossover with two rows and some cargo space in the back. It’s plenty enough for a family of four with groceries in back with room to spare.


The driving position is upright and supportive. The glass gives a great view of the road with plenty of light and everything is within easy reach. It’s a comfortable car to drive and be driven in and works well.


Engine and mechanicals


The 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX is typically Mazda in the drive too. It doesn’t quite have the ‘zoom zoom’ of the MX-5 but for a crossover, it handles well.


The chassis is stiff and stable, the suspension is well tuned and the engine has enough power to have a little fun with while being sensible on the school run.


That engine is a 2.0-litre Skyactiv-G four cylinder capable of 146 hp and 146 lb-ft of torque. It uses a six speed transmission for drive, sending power to the front wheels.


Despite what seems low power, the CX-3 is light and well balanced and provides decent acceleration without too much engine noise. It’s no grand prix car but that’s not what it’s intended for.


For regular driving and commuting, the power is more than enough!


This particular model has 109,094 km on the clock, which is reasonable. It’s the attractive white colour with black interior. It has cruise control, air conditioning, side impact protection, airbags and a reversing camera.


It also has the style, substance and reliability inherent in every Mazda along with a brand cachet that few other brands seem to match. That combination of quality and value alongside great road handling and interior build quality.


Priced at just $14,988, this 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX won’t be around for long. With the ability to buy online, have free delivery (within limits) and have no payment for 180 days, it is sure to sell quickly.


Check out the 2016 Mazda CX-3 GX at Car Nation Canada Direct.


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